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La-Mulana and Unepic are ones to take a closer look at. DLC Quest also looks interesting, not sure how I missed that release.

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@Bane122: I edited my post... Thanks tho. This game does look like something I'd wanna checkout.

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Please I need some help figuring out what this game is...

I remember playing this game when I was a kid; it was in fixed 3rd person (if I remember correctly), where you would control this small guy while rows of blocks would move toward you. Then you did something to get rid of them to clear the stage (maybe split into waves or something). I assume it is some sort of puzzle game. Has low key graphics (blocks were mostly grey, maybe some neon green or other neon colours) and some cool effects when you clear the blocks. Can't really remember much else, but it has been bothering me for years now that I cannot remember the name, and don't know where to start (have done searches in the past that led nowhere).


Edit: Haha, this time my search has finally worked. It was actually a PS1 game: Intelligent Qube

Sorry for the wasted post. Go play IQ if you haven't.

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Console and PC I feel should be separate... which leads me to want to separate even more, so I won't do it.

1. Mario 64

2. Lengend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

3. WoW Vanilla (loved it before expansions, and due to the time I spent playing it, it deserves the 3 spot)

Shout Out: Goldeneye 64/Smash Bros. 64/Wii (Multiplayer fun!), The Sims, all 80/90's games by Sierra and LucasArts + shareware (commander keen et al).