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I subscribed to the giant bombcast through Overcasts' search, and that stream has Alt F1, the powerbombcast and the giant bombcast, ad-free I think. (Unfortunately i have no interest in the non-bombcast content, but oh well.)

The feed was fine before, but there was a problem a few days ago with the Bombcast feed that caused this problem. I've sent an e-mail to the developer to see if he knows of a fix. I'll post it here if it's something that has to be done manually.

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The more apologies like this I read, the more meaningless they become. I wish the studios/publishers that release these games felt more repercussions than they currently do. But people keep buying games that are broken like this, so they have no incentive to make certain they work at release.

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There goes my daily We Dare stream

I thought you had spelled it wrong (I thought it obviously had to be Wii Dare), and was surprised to see it was also released for the PS3. What a missed branding opportunity!

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I'm sure there are well-meaning people in the gamergate camp, but I feel like their whole platform, as unspecific as it is, is completely absurd. Really, when you get down to it, why is ethics in video game journalism something to even spend more than a moment thinking about? It isn't as though they're writing for the New York Times and trying to expose corruption in Washington - they're talking about games they like. They're producing content that will generate hits and interest. If you find things like, say, IGN to be too fluffy and clickbait-y (as I do), then don't go to that site. I go to Giant Bomb because I think the guys are funny and I like seeing videos of games being played.

At the end of the day, we're talking about video games here. Video games are something we're supposed to enjoy as a hobby and not take too seriously. If you're in the gamergate camp, the fact that you can let any of these supposed issues get to you is mind-blowing. Do you really not have better things to worry about? Couldn't you be doing things to better yourself? Lighten up or find a new hobby. I want games to be as inclusive as possible because I want game developers to feel free to experiment and try new things and maybe come up with something unique and cool. If things keep going as they are, everyone with a different viewpoint is going to be driven out because they'll all be scared to express any opinion that doesn't jive with this toxic hive mind that can't stand change.

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I truly don't understand why people get so bent out of shape about people like Anita Sarkeesian speaking about what she perceives as issues in gaming. What is so threatening about saying "hey, there might be some sexism in these games?" You have every right in the world to disagree with that line of thinking, but to become so angry and to resort to shit like this is just weird.

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Thanks for posting the quick look again, @patrick. I just watched the whole thing again - it's one of my favorites.

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Thanks for linking that article by Daniel Carlson, @patrick. It sums up pretty well how I've been feeling about movies and video games lately. I don't go to see the Marvel movies anymore unless my friends want to go and drag me along - his point about Iron Man 3 was exactly how I felt about each of the last five or so I've seen. I don't think they're bad movies, but they're so similar and so pointless, and I forget what happens in them immediately after watching them, so I stopped.

I don't know how to adequately put into words how I feel about bigger budget video games. I'm becoming exceptionally bored with them. Maybe saying I've spent well over 100 hours playing Spelunky, but I put down Splinter Cell Blacklist after 20 minutes sums it up pretty well?

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Unrelated but it looks like @jeff, @brad and @alex finally made the SJW list. Congrats, you guys.

Ugh. FINALLY taking these Giant Bomb guys down a peg or two. But what about Drew and Vinny and Dan? Dave used to work here - why not include him? There are SO MANY SJWs to not pay attention to!

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Ultimately, if judged as a game game, it really is terrible. Similar to fast food, it only feels good in the moment.

I think this is a pretty salient point. I think about this game like I thought about Tiny Tower - I played that game for a short time, but after a while, I realized it was a waiting simulator. I didn't understand why it was receiving so much acclaim. It had a relatively cool art style, but there wasn't much of a game there.

Which is what a lot of free-to-play games ultimately are. They're waiting simulators, or if you're crazy, money sinks. I try not to judge people for sinking as much money into these things as they do, because hey, different strokes and all. Especially after reading something like this, I don't understand why one would ever spend a dime on the game. If the writing is sort of funny, I guess that's cool, but I look for gameplay in my games.

My concern is that, if people are so willing to spend money on something like this, it will entice other developers to put time and effort into creating something similar. Look at Dungeon Keeper. It backfired because it was a publisher that's well-known among people like me, using a name that had meaning, unlike Clash of Clans (I assume, anyway, because I know next to nothing about Clash of Clans), but it's an example of a developer/publisher chasing this sort of money, when I personally wish they were devoting their time to make games I'm more interested in. Maybe that's selfish of me, but I am SO fearful of a day when every game out there implements an energy mechanic and becomes, to some degree, a waiting simulator. It's so much easier to get people to consider your game if it's free rather than $15 or more, but when you're spending all of this time trying to figure out how to get money out of people, you're spending less time trying to make sure the game is fun to play (which is subjective, I know). I just hope there continues to be developers willing to risk making games where the gameplay isn't watching bars fill up.

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It's not a bad idea, but I don't care about anything EA has released since Mass Effect 3, and there isn't anything in the near future I care about other than maybe Dragon Age.