Post your Mass Effect 3 ending theories (Spoilers of course.)

I have this here for anyone that want to compare and discuss. Also it's for me to refer to later if needed.I can go into more detail, but everyone has there own theories about the Ending: I'll throw mine in, but I'll try to keep it short. If anybody wants me to go into detail I can, but I can do just as much in summary. I want to hear everyones theories and I hope this is the Thread you use, so they can all be hear instead of making a buch of topics. (apologies if this was already done, but most of them were like "this is mine, what do you guys think of it?')

So, here's what I THINK is going on.

Topic 1: Indoctrination

1a. Shepard was some what indoctrinated, from very early even. The child Shepard watched die was not real. The reapers knew Shepard was determined, this was an attempt at breaking him.

1b. The dreams he had were effects of indoctrination as well, with the one he has right before London foreshadowing his death, again attempting to demoralize him.

1c. Shepard was resistent to becoming fully indoctrinated, whether through the Lazarus Project or sheer determination.

Topic 2: Reaper Age Tech

2a. The Reapers are remnants of a past cycle, that became self aware and rebelled. With their awareness came a deserve of self preservation

2b. The Citadel's main purpose is to monitor all the races on board, this determines what races are sentient enough to be targeted during a cycles purge.

2c. The Crucible was created by the same ones that made the Reapers, as a fail safe for them. The Reapers never knew of this.

Topic 3: The Ending

3a. When Shepard reached the Citadel the Reapers knew they could ether strike a deal or perish.

3b. The God-child is again the Reapers talking to Shepard, explaining why he looked like the Child from the beginning.

3c. The 3 Final choices represent the terms of a treaty. Left: Shepard have the Reapers leave, letting both sides live. Middle: Rather then fighting, both sides agree to an alliance. Creating a new hybrid race. Right: "F*** you guys, you're assholes," he uses the crucible killing all synthetic life as it was designed.

Topic 4: The Big Picture

4a. The Reapers were created long ago, as weapons. But they became too aware and knew that their power could end all life as they know it.

4b. They remained as well as all their tech as a way to police the galaxy to stop a cycle's potential to end "all" life.

4c. The Protheans are a prime example of this process; they enslaved all other races for the empire. This is why the Reapers came.

After Sorting through all this, it's what makes the most sense to me and explains a lot. Other people will find different things and this one is no way iron-clad. Still, it brought enjoyment when I came to this. Other wise I think the ending sucks, which is what the rumored "Truth" dlc may do. Not change the ending. It's all there just not explained well. Post yours below I'd love to hear them.


A new tradition this year.

As of 12:06 I find myself at this very moment choosing to spend my first moments of 2012 typing away my thoughts on my little piece of the internet. (Not from lack of things to do mind you)

It's tradition for us to gather together around and send off into the New Year with fanfare singing and some light to heavy intoxication. For me I wanted to take a moment to just find a quiet spot sit and try to think about I really want the New Year to be for me. It was really weird to the everyone as I told them, leaving the party early, but in each and everyone there came some point of understanding.

So as so many others counted down to the New Year, kissing their loved ones and enjoying the fanfare for a New Year; I stared up in the midnight sky at the snow flakes falling down. Just not a thought at all, totally blank. For a what seemed like a lifetime of moments turned into 5 mintues as my phone buzzed letting me know as it was 12:05 January 1st 2012. I was still me, the world around me was still the same. I was kind of disappointed to be honest, but nothing is really going to happen in 5 minutes that will set the course for the next year. But for one moment I got sit and witness the world around me begin another year.

People amaze me, they always have and sometimes I just need to remind myself of that. So much happens over the years it can just seem to blur together. So for the New Year I just want to say to all my friends: Happy Year, Good luck in 2012 and Thank you. -Nick


My new gaming habit, I blame Will Smith for this.

Upon watching the Kessler cam Episode of game night, I was kinda interested in all of the boardgames they've collected. Reason being me and a lot of my friends played Magic a while and got sick of all the crap that came along with it. Dominion sounded pretty good, so I picked it up and tried it out with my group of friends, it went over well. I now own several expansions for dominion with the prosperity expansion on the way, along with; Smallworld, Pandemic and Cosmic Encounter (including all the expansions for each) I've started quite a collection and I don't intend to stop anytime soon. 


Content behind closed doors

The whole download-able/unlock-able content format seems to be all the rage with games now.

Paying for content, is now bordering between nice additions to bastards charging for stuff they just cut out of retail product.

But there is something far more annoying to me as a gamer these days; which has been going on unchecked for far too long. That is making us work for shit, or as designers put it "Unlocking." Think about it, you just brought a brand new game home and you pop it in to find that over 50% of the game is unavailible to you from the start

I actually had a case of this today were I was over at a friends house and he was showing me the new Advance Wars game on the DS. So we tried to fire up a game and play it together with Him, his' Girlfriend and Me. Then we get to the Character select screen where we can only choose 4 of them, the other 8! are locked. And I'm thinking "God dammit, just ****ing let us play as them." I really don't see why 2/3rds of the cast have to be unavailable from the start.

So you could spend all this playing the game so you and friends can use all the shiny golden characters in multiplayer only to lose your friends because your so much better at the game, from playing it for so long. It just really ruins casual moments like that were you can introduce games to friends without slogging in a certain amount of time.

This leads me to Team Fortress 2, a game I never really got into hardcore but played like once a week for a change of pace. Now Valve is putting out new weapons for all the classes. I'm very thankful that Valve is blessing us with great new content. On the other I really don't care for how we go about obtaining them. Completing achievements for weapons seems like a ****ing chore list to be honest. I think Valve could have just given us the guns from the start and it wouldn't have been a problem. When i see "{MEDIC ACHIEVEMENT}" severs it may be a sign that people rather just this shit out of the way and enjoy the game for what it is.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind getting rewarded for doing something once in a while, but having to do that again and again with each monetary reward gets to be a pain. I feel like I have to work to get to enjoy my game to it's fullest.