So, I went and bought a 3DS.  I wasn't meaning to buy one; JE asked to see one in the shop, and I was so impressed by it that I though "Screw it, we need another DS so the boys don't fight over it.  This will do!".  It's very impressive.  I like it a lot. 
Not many games for it, and out of the choice of 6 to get with the machine for free, I went with Rayman.  Not played past the intro movie yet, but I can assure you that it's in 3D, I can see the 3D happening, and it doesn't hurt my eyes.   
And I took a 3D picture in the McManus gallery.


Dead Space 2

Finished Dead Space 2 last night, on normal difficulty.  The indestructable necromorph is a pain in the arse, and why do we still have to have this kind of end of game boss fight, in 2011?  At least there's more after the boss fight, and a neat post credits cliffhanger. 
Awesome game.  10/10. 


Dead Space 2, again.

For some reason I thought DS2 has 12 levels.  So when I reached level 13 it was a bit of a surprise.  It's getting tough now, with all the "black" variants of the enemies.  But the combination of Ripper, Line gun and the Plasma Gun seems a reasonable set for most occasions.  I've not bought a large number of the guns, saving money for Power Nodes, and upgrades.  So the second run through to mop up achievements, I'll try some of the other guns out.  Better story than the first game, certainly, but not as many memorable boss fights.   
Overall it's a definite improvement over the first, which itself was one of my favourite games of the past few years.



I found a copy of Enslaved, Odyssey to the West in the house yesterday.  I do not remember buying it anywhere.  I wonder how it got into the house...?


More Dead Space 2

Level 10 now, and it's starting to get really creepy, being back on the Ishimura.  it makes me want to go back and play the original.  I've missed a few of the missable achievements, but I am planning on a second run through to max out the weapons etc before a 3rd run through to try to get the Hard difficulty achievement.  I think I'll leave out the hardest difficulty, with its 3 saves, and no checkpoints.....


Dead Space 2

How good is Dead Space 2?  I loved the first, and this one improves on it in every way.  There are some genuinely scary moments - I actually jumped in the freezer room.  Hopefully I'll have some time later this week to finish it....


Games Games Games

Since last update, I've finished Fable III, finished Night at the Museum 2, started Star Craft 2 on the Mac. 
Fable 3.  I really enjoyed it up until....  It's not the decision to make the protagonist prepare for an epic battle, that's a perfectly reasonably conceit.  The decisions made throughout the game, whether to support the people who supported the protagonist throughout the revolution; these are the decisions that should colour the end game, not how much money I've managed to save up in my own personal treasury so I can bail out the nation.  I spent 10 hours grinding up my property empire to reach £7M in value.  This allowed me to make all the "good" decisions, and still save all the civilians.  It's like Lord Peter of Molineux just ran out of time, so just asked the tea boy what the easiest way of finishing the game up is, and went with it.  It's just so lazy.  I spared my Brother.  He then told me I could have his troops to help me, but this was in no way reflected in the end game.  I paid the guard more money - they didn't fight any harder.  There was no ethical choice in it, I just spent more time saving up money, and made whatever decision I fancied.  Just nonsense. 
What I really don't get is why all the bonuses in the  game are MAKE UP, or TATOOS, or PANTALOONS.  I wouldn't mind if the shoes gave extra powers, or extra speed, or +5 to spellcasting, or whatever.  The only difference is what the avatar looks like.  What do I care?  Really!  
The Understone DLC was pretty good though.  Over priced, but quite good.    
Star Craft 2, however, is simply amazing.  I'm garbage at it.  I'm trying to sort it out on Normal difficulty, but I'm just village.  I will stick with it. 
Night at the Museum 2 is a straightforward 1000 GS, and enjoyable enough to go through the kids with.


Fable/Vanquish/Night at the Museum

Since last blog entry I've finished Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Very good), Red Dead Redemption (Awesome) and I'm on to Fable III, Vanquish and Night at the museum (Mainly for the achievement points, I'll accept).   
Vanquish is totally mental, much like Bayonetta, but fantastic with it.  Much like Bayonetta.  I'm rubbish at it, thought.  It's short, so perhaps on the second way through I'll be better! 
Fable III is surprisingly good, after all the discussions that it's so disappointing.  But I'm a long way before the "big twist".  Of course, I know what the big twist is now, as the Bombcast has given it away, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless. 
Night at the museum is actually rather good!


12 Days of Whiskey

I like the new questage on the site.  I'm up to date with 12, 11, 10, 9, and 8, now waiting for 7 to launch.  Some obvious omissions, but entertaining to search around the site.  Soooo pleased that Chester Cheetah was in there! 
Voted in the Gamespot GotY awards.   Lengthy process for all those awards.  Mass Effect 2 all the way for me. 


Fallout: Hot Pursuit

Since last I wrote, I have finished Fallout New Vegas 3 times, and finally found an online multiplayer game I can actually play, in NFS Hot Pursuit. 
And Santa may bring Assassin''s Creed Brotherhood too.

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