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It's certainly worth the 400 points I paid for it.  If I'd paid the full 1200 I would have been miffed, particularly 1200 points for the original.  The updated version plays well enough, but it's all just  a bit "loose" - targetting, cover, unseen enemies, the hacking, the combat in general, etc.  
But worth 400 points, definitely.

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Clues for the ones I have so far: 
4 Webslingers 
Bromance and Mid Level Shopping 
An animal and his robot travel through the 4th dimension 
Still looking for the last 2... 
Edit: OK
Waaaaay before Cataclysm. 
When evil has more than one face.... 

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I'm game, if it works.

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I've not really had too many bugs in the first 25 hours, to be honest: I couldn't get the Legion to take me to Cesar initially, but it worked after a reboot; I can't recruit Cass as I have "too many followers" even without any followers; and Boone has clipped through a well once or twice.  Hardly game breaking. 
GREAT game, I have to say.

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We don't have quiznos in the UK, so it's either Subway or O'Brien's.  Subway every time.

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Ryan likes:   BLT, Club and something called a French Dip. 
 I'd go for: Meatball Marinara, Cheese and Pickle, and BLT.  But Peanut Butter and Jam is a close 3rd. 
What's your top 3?  

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Simpsons Sphyg.  Nice.

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Realtime Worlds is on my street.  The place is deserted.   As the OP said: Disaster.

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Not sure how new this is, but I've just been e-mailed the link to the latest single player trailer. 
I really wasn't that interested in the multiplayer, but this has me more excited. 

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It's not inconceivable that the rise is simply due to the quest, certainly.