Thoughts on David Jaffe's latest outburst

 David Jaffe's apparently suggesting Sony sue Microsoft due to Scrap Metal's title being too close to Twisted Metal...

Not sure how much merit this lawsuit could have. I spent about 40 minutes at PAX talking to both developer's and they assured me they'd never heard of Twisted Metal, let alone had ever played the game. The reference points they brought up were classic arcade top-down racers, games that Scrap Metal more closely resembles.

Sure, there are striking similarities in a lot of Scrap Metal's ideas, but I'd wager Jaffe's envious and wishes his Calling All Cars! game would've received the same reception from critics.


EuroGamer has also published a disagreeable 4/10 review for Scrap Metal. I understand these European sites trying to emulate EDGE's success by under-rating games, but this just isn't honest.