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Enjoy some R&R with Sega’s update of an arcade classic. 0

Up until this point, Sega hasn’t provided a convincing version of their After Burner franchise for home consoles. The problem has always been that much of the appeal for an After Burner game is in the specialized arcade cabinet, in which the swiveling seat provides feedback based upon what’s happening on the screen. While After Burner Climax doesn’t offer up a comparable experience of your seat jerking around as it did in the 2006 arcade game of the same name, it offers up similar twitch-based g...

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The return of top-down racing 0

Scrap Metal’s a reminder of why top-down viewpoints have been abandoned on modern consoles. While it achieves a familiar perspective sufficiently, it doesn’t make a very strong case for its hectic blend of racing and car-combat. Nonetheless, for players pining for the old school appeal of games like R.C. Pro AM and Rock ‘n Roll Racing, Scrap Metal’s the next best thing and is unrivaled on the Xbox 360. With that said, the game can be taken at face value - if you happen to be looking for a loose ...

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Cubes Gone Wild 0

Surrounded by hundreds of deadly cubes, an amnesiac robot spins wildly, piercing his six-sided foes with a spread of lasers. Pools of red oil are spouting from the cubes and collecting at the feet of our confused hero. He doesn’t know how any of this came to be, but trusts that by eliminating each area of its cube shaped inhabitants, he can recapture his memory and perhaps save something that’s worth fighting for.Spanning over an impressive number of white grids with black outlines, the levels a...

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Quietly brilliant, Darwinia feels right at home on the Xbox 360. 0

Unapologetically retro, Darwinia was released to critical acclaim back in 2005, exclusively for the PC. In the following year, Introversion’s game brought home three out of five awards at IGF (Independent Game Festival), setting a record for the most wins at IGF which remains untouched to this day. Within that year, a straight port was announced for Xbox Live Arcade, with plans to release the downloadable title relatively quickly. Four years have passed and we’ve only just received the console t...

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Environmental destruction done right. 0

As the first entry in the Mistbound universe, Greed Corp. represents the same style of board games found in the Xbox Live Arcade releases Catan and Carcassone, while distinguishing itself with a dynamic playing field. The game is a love letter to the industrial revolution and places an emphasis on the strategic benefits of environmental destruction. From an overhead perspective, the player’s aim is to take control of the grid and eliminate the enemy presence completely. With plenty of length in ...

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