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RIP Harris keep smiling

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Dark Souls with 134 hours. Second place is The Witcher 2 with 120.

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Specifically in US It really depends in what sense your considering. Socially I think were in a weird transitional period but still making progress. More voices are being heard and were making things that would have been less than an after though 10 years ago actually part of the conversation. Though I still think open mindedness, lack of empathy and acceptance are still huge hurtles our society needs to figure out as a whole.On the other hand our societies want to idolize celebrities, over sexualize everything, and leave a gross film of self entitlement over everything it touches is disgusting and I think holds us back more than helps us.

Politically everything is a cluster fuck and my personal perspective is some people need to sit down and maybe rethink a few things about how we do things. But that's just my opinion.I don't care for politics and don't know much about them so anything else I say would be complete conjecture but one thing is for sure is that times are weird.

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Same as a lot of people here MGS HD collection.

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@tuxfool: um

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Bombcast is good like food?

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Roses are red

Violets are blue

Bombcast is good

For me and for you

Am I doing this right?

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Do think there will be giant bobcats in heaven? (auto corrected bombcasts I decided to keep it)

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I would like an invite if there are any slots available.

SN: FatalBanana

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I dont know what things are anymore

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Patrick, your work here has been very much a big part of what makes Giant Bomb so awesome to me. Your presence will be missed and I wish you luck on whatever comes next for you.

Happy trails duder!