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Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

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I started playing this a couple of months back and found this to be real fun. Lots of good friendly guilds out there as well looking to help you out. If anyone wants to try it out or give it a go, I'd recommend starting with the Jedi Knight story (being a logical sequel storyline to the KOTOR games) or the Imperial Agent. Also, here's a code thingy to give you more Free Inventory and stuff to start - Link

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Steam Gift Giveaways - Sept 2014

Got a new PC and was just going through my steam and realized I had many duplicate and giftable keys for Indie stuff. All on Steamgifts for a couple of days. Also have a giftable copy of Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight 2012 prototypes. If anyone wants that just PM me.

1. Fez
2. Little Inferno
3. Solar 2
4. The Bard's Tale

Ends Sept 4th 2014

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Great read and good to see Dave just be as real as he comes across. Would love more such talks and bylines with Developers, keep up the great work Patrick!

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Hey, this is an old issue which I was just wondering if there were any plans to fix it? Using a 2012 Nexus 7 device, when browsing the site by default Chrome loads the site in the web view without the automatic responsive design scaling. Its only when you enable the "Request Desktop site" button does the page resize and fit the screen tablet size. I find having to that every time to resize an article to make it easier to read without having to zoom in gets a little frustrating at times. Just wondering if this a known issue?

Sorry for being so nitpicky.. Love the work you guys do on the site otherwise!

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Tick tock..

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$ 82.6 Million

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Just applied to join the organization. Haven't checked in to RSI for the past few months. Still blows me away how quickly they've been growing and just blowing past stretch goals!

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Good talk by Patrick. Listening to him recount some of the stuff people said on your dad's passing was rough. Glad he stuck through it and focused on the positive. You do good work here!