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@Icemael said:
" What exactly do you mean by "Golden Gems"? "
What i mean is games you love that everyone hates but that you think should NOT be overlooked.
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@Akel said:
" Ignoring all the major titles(like Nintendo titles)...Spectrobes Origins is pretty good. Playing it now and a few hours in. Feels like what you'd expect from a PS2-era (which is an era I prefer) JRPG. Rune Factory Frontier is a major time vacuum. I have over 100 hours on that. Very grindy though. And I really like Dawn of Discovery. I've always liked city sim games, but they usually are too hard/complicated for me. So the wii version of Dawn of Discovery feels just right. "

Yeah i have Spectrobes origins and that game is pretty damn fun. I just picked up Arc Rise Fantasia and i have to say the game is awesome minus the voice acting of course :P

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Hey everyone, new to the forums and site :D. What are some of your favorite Wii games that in you would consider Golden Gems? 
For me, Opoona was a game that took me by surprise and is now one of my top 5 games on the Wii. 

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I use to play Guild Wars for about 2 years, then i moved on to World Of Warcraft and i was hooked on that for about 3 years give or take. Never again :D

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I have never ever fallen out of love with my Nintendo Wii, in fact it's my preferred system at the moment. I do own an Xbox 360 but that system has become such a huge bore to me, and i haven't touched my 360 in over a month now and prob never will again. I do want a PS3 though.

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I recommend Opoona, the game is a cute game but a pretty damn good deep JRPG.

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Sup y'all, I'm fatalmephisto i live in Canada, I'm fat and ugly and i love gaming as a whole. Hope to meet new faces and enjoy my stay here.