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I like the George Clooney Batman movies. I even know that they're horrible and dumb and incredibly stupid, but I get some kind of pleasure out of the sheer ridiculousness of those movies and enjoy laughing at them the entire way through.

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I just want to say that I enjoyed and miss quests. That is all.

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I'm about halfway through James Clavell's Shogun.

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Persona 4 Endurance Run.

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Surprised to see Atrocious on there. That was a surprise hit for me a year or two ago that I stumbled across on Netflix and it genuinely terrified me.

Not surprised to see Bad Milo on there, but, hoo-boy, I couldn't make it through that movie.

I also now have learned that Dead Snow 2 is a movie. I imagine I'll end up feeling forced to go and watch it, even though I'm sure it will be terrible.

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@finaldasa: Yeah, unfortunately this was back when they were doing live shows through ustream and the last few hours were lost forever.

Was Vinny playing the guitar lost?! Tell me Vinny playing Diablo music on his guitar wasn't lost! I don't think I could take that!

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So, in wrestling related news, sort of, a friend and I sat down and did a podcast? Sort of? We basically did a podcast for his youtube channel where he does some video game stuff. I haven't watched it/listened back to it yet (I'm kind of afraid to) so I have no idea how it is. He's still pretty early on in doing this kind of thing, think he's only been doing it kind of on his own for a few months, while this was my very first time doing this kind of thing ever. We sat down with the intent to talk about Night of Champions, but we got sidetracked into just wrestling in general fairly regularly.

If any of you guys want to give it a listen, and/or feedback, it's in four parts, with Part One there.

slash here.

If not, whatever. I can't imagine it's particularly good or thrilling considering it's just the two of us and the general lack of experience with this kind of thing, but I still had fun doing it and wouldn't mind taking another crack at it again some time. Edit: Also, all four parts together, it's pretty long.

Now I really need to get caught back up with NXT as I've been neglecting it since TakeOverTwo.

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Black is the only real option here.

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For the record, my wrestling name is


That's kind of an amazing wrestler name and I'm ok with it.

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For myself I'll throw in The Granstream Saga, which was a pretty competent PS1 RPG which I loved and as far as I can remember was the first RPG I ever played to completion. Never really hear anyone bring it up. It had some cel animation interspered throughout which was probably pretty cool?

I played that game as a demo at a used game store once and could never remember the name of it. It always drove me crazy, and now thanks to you I actually know the name of it!