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For myself I'll throw in The Granstream Saga, which was a pretty competent PS1 RPG which I loved and as far as I can remember was the first RPG I ever played to completion. Never really hear anyone bring it up. It had some cel animation interspered throughout which was probably pretty cool?

I played that game as a demo at a used game store once and could never remember the name of it. It always drove me crazy, and now thanks to you I actually know the name of it!

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Oh, also, a game I'd like Patrick to check out some time for Spookin' - Kuon. Though it would be difficult as it's only on the PS2, but, yeah.

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Dragon Seeds and Countdown Vampires come to mind. Particularly Countdown Vampires. Neither game is particularly great, but Dragon Seeds has some neat ideas and is more or less Monster Rancher Lite with more flaws.

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Dragon Ball Z Abridged.

I don't think I can sit down to watch the official show, but I really can't get enough of Team Four Star's work.

And the best part about it is that you really are getting the entire story of the show anyhow. I want to go back and watch original Dragon Ball some day, followed by just plain old normal Dragon Ball Z and see how far I can get into DBZ again before I throw my hands up in the air, give up, and just go watch Abridged (to date, yet again.)

Though I bet there is some extra appreciation to be had from being at least loosely familiar with the regular show before going into Abridged, but, Team Four Star really does such great work I imagine it's still entertaining as hell to watch either way.

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Dragon Ball Z Abridged.

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I didn't even know these existed, and I was around during that time too. These are awesome.

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@fateofnever: Crazy, dude! I had a pretty good time. I got my seats upgraded when I walked in - paid $100 for two tickets, had to buy my friend's to convince him to go. We got on the main concourse. Our upgrades moved us closer to the entrance ramp, I guess, but farther from huge groups of excited people. Only had one guy near me who helped yell CENA SUCKS at the beginning, but we both ran out of energy as soon as Cesaro and Ziggler were done. We were surrounded by quiet people and empty seats, which made it kind of dull by the end. Were you ringside? How was that?

I went with a coworker, we had our seats a few rows back from ringside and back behind the timekeepers area. We were surrounded by some pretty good dudes. I think most all of the Y2J chants started from our section, along with the Lionsault chant, and if you heard it the "No!" chant when it became obvious that Jericho was going to be tagging to Cena. The spot wasn't the greatest for the view, as for pretty much all of the show we had stage hands directly in our line of sight, and even when they weren't we still had the ring post pretty much right in our way. It was pretty much impossible for us to miss the Rosa Mendez wardrobe malfunction from where we were though. I felt bad for Ziggler during the him vs Cesaro match because I think so many people had already spent all of their Ziggler chants when they saw him for the first time that night during Main Event.

It was a great experience though, and I definitely want to attend a wrestling event again after it.

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I only just got into wrestling after this year's Money in the Bank, and I'm already paying $100 to go to a Smackdown taping tomorrow night. I never watch the show, but being there should be a whole different thing. Plus, I've got four free drink tickets a buddy gave me. Ridiculously excited. Anything I should know? For example - are signs okay? They seem fun, but I don't want to be a dick the people behind me.

Whoa, really? I'm going to that same Smackdown! Tonight! Having also paid 100$ to go! It'll be my first time going to a live show, that I will be able to remember anyhow. I think I went once when I was like.. 5 or something and don't remember any of it.

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I'm not sold on the commentary, but, as it turns out, I still get a kick out of seeing wrestler entrances on new machines, just look at dat smug Randy :D

That commentary still seems real awful.

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So, going back and watching some old stuff, I think I've come to the realization that what's truly ruining commentary these days is the constant schilling of *stuff.* Whether it's social media, or the network, or whatever. Cole has always been real shitty (like calling a Cobra Clutch a Full Nelson; no wonder he doesn't even try to call wrestling moves anymore) but the constant schilling of stuff is so much worse than it was before. This has lead to, not only the problem of having to constantly listen to advertisements, which is already quite annoying, but it also denies commentators the ability to properly make you believe what's going on in the ring matters. As a quick and easy example, look at this past Raw; the Brothers of Dustruction go heel and viciously assault the Usos and go after the already injured leg of (name) Uso. What do the commentators immediately do? Start selling us other stuff and promoting the Bellas, completely trivializing what just happened in the ring. With better commentators, maybe this wouldn't be quite so bad and there would be better transitions between the promoting and selling, but with middling commentators already, it just makes it that much worse.