Alan Wake!

yay! so i got it early and i'm playing it right now. it's pretty awesome so far :o
here are some photos of the limited edition (the one i bought...)


UMPathy. first it was just annoying. right now it's killing me. it's like cancer. every single time i try to play hardcore search and destroy or hq pro EVERYONE is running around

with UMP/Thumper combo. it's insane. i was playing a game 2 minutes ago and i was the only person on the whole server (12 players) with a different weapon. what the fuck?! they seriously need to nerf this shit or create a playlist for normal people (and by that i mean NO UMPS OR NOOBTUBES/THUMPERS).  
i don't have MAPATHY. i have UMPATHY.
(seriously guys...start a hardcore search and destroy game and just look. 90% of people are running with umps. it's boring and stupid. it's not me whining about how 'THEY KILL ME ALL THE TIME :CCCC' it's me whining because it's repetitive and stupid. IT'S A SUBMACHINE GUN FOR FUCKS SAKE.) 
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