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Warsaw, Poland

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this thread is the best.

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Used this one. Thank you very much duder! Cheers :D

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bought a vita like 3 days ago, so let's do this!

PSN ID: faustyn

Region: EU

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@sessh said:

I just beat the final boss, who is a total pushover in my opinion, even with the other two bosses before him, then killed Darklurker and am now dying over and over to the Ancient Dragon and Vendrick. I hate those guys, since both can easily one-shot me, with me most of the time not knowing how I could have even potentially avoided death.

Vendrick I at least got down to less than a 1/3 of his health, but man that dragon and his firebreath are fucked up.

Vendrick is not that bad. Just hump his right leg (i think it was right...) and circle him. Block, he'll do his huge swing, hit him 2 times, rinse and repeat. Just remember to have 4 or more Souls of Giants on you, because that is boosting the damage he's taking.
Ancient Dragon is a little bit worse, because of the one shot AOE, but when you figure out his pattern it's a cake walk. This video helped me a lot with that fight. Good luck duder!

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@humanity said:

After Bastille I've been feeling really clueless. I feel like I'm "lost" as in I missed some area since I keep seeing a lot of people wearing very specific gear that I haven't seen in the game yet. I quite literally stumbled onto the second Lord Soul which naturally led to a dead end with a bonfire warp. That was actually really confusing because quite frankly I wasn't sure where else I could go. I remembered having another branch so I unpetrified the pyromancer lady and now I'm back to simply walking forward, stumbling onto bosses.

This game, much more than either of the previous entries in the series, feels really directionless. In Dark Souls you at least got the vague hint of ringing the bells. Dark Souls 2 I'm just bookin' forward without rhyme or reason. Coincidentally the areas mesh together even worse than they did in Dark Souls. I've traversed through three different "castles" in a row now that were connected in completely nonsensical ways. The Earthen Peak "castle" sits high atop a hill under an open sky. You then make your way through the castle up to the top floor which culminates in an elevator that takes you even higher up and drops you off.. in a cave that leads to another castle, surrounded by lava. That in of itself would be pretty dumb just from the perspective of continuity, but then when you read into the lore you find out the Iron Keep is surrounded by lava because it sank deep into the depths of the earth under it's great weight.

I mean it's not a huge deal, Dark Souls 1 was already playing fast and loose with how they connected disperse areas - but this to me is the downfall of actually trying to make this an "open world" game, when it's in fact a bunch of closed levels that aren't even connected all that well. I still say the Nexus was great because it let you tackle the game world in some sort of sensical manner and you never felt like you don't know where you should be heading next. The game is already obtuse enough as it is.

hah that's pretty funny 'cause i feel the exact opposite way. i got stuck in Dark Souls 1 a couple of times, but here the Emerald Herald and The Queen in Drangleic Castle, are telling you exactly where to go and what to do next.

Map wise I agree with you 100%. The meshing is really awful in some parts. I absolutely loved how connected everything was in the first game and I felt like the whole world made a lot of sense. Here it's just a central hub with some paths and some of those paths split later on. It's kinda boring in that sense. I never got that 'OH SHIT! YOU WANT TO TELL ME THAT THIS WHOLE TIME I WAS ABOVE/BELOW THIS PLACE? DAMNNNNN' feeling that I remember having multiple times in DS1. Oh well, I guess that's what happens when you decide to make fast traveling a thing that's available from the very beginning. You don't have to think about the world layout that much, because people will warp places anyways so who gives a fuck.

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@hengst said:

You can read up on it here. http://darksouls.wikia.com/wiki/Bonfire_Ascetic

I suggest choosing one as your starting gift if you think you might need to farm a specific item from an enemy. I wish I had taken one as I've found them to be pretty rare.

There are actually a couple of merchants that have a limited supply of them (like 10 or something) so it's not that bad.

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@extomar said:

I think it is more "shocking" random people on an internet message board think they are more of an expert on a topic than someone else. :)

problem is that we are in the dark souls 2 section of the forums, so yeah, people in here probably are experts, and even if they aren't they sure as hell know more about this game than Brad. so not really that shocking ;d

also, remember this is Brad we're talking about. He's pretty much always wrong :o (that's why we love him)

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I've been running around with a Club +10 lately and enjoying that. I love the moveset on my Drangleic Sword +3 but I don't have any more twinkling titanite to upgrade it so I'm not using it right now. Don't really know what to do next to be honest. Thought about using a Raw Stone (If i finally find that stupid thing) on my club, but I heard something about Raw ruining scaling? You guys know anything about this?