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@sergio said:

@video_game_king said:

These tweets:

  • Chris Hecker
  • Vice Games
  • Aevee Bee

confuse the shit out of me. I can't even parse meaning.

(I would've quoted them if I, you know, could.)

Aevee Bee's is basically talking about the trope where a loved one, usually girlfriend or wife, is murdered. It's basically used as motivation for the male protagonist to advance the story. The tweet basically fills Patrick's feminism quota for worth reading.

"Quota"? Do you really think Patrick sits down and goes "Oh shit, I need to find a feminist article/tweet to staple to this before I can post it"? It's pretty disheartening to see people here assuming that Patrick is trying to fill some kind of quota instead of, you know, actually giving a general crap about this kind of thing and exposing himself to writing/people who discuss it frequently as a result.

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I am Runningman4107 on the Nintendo Network. I'm looking forward to getting super mad at this game over and over and over again.

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Cleveland, OH, USA!

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I've never been madder than I am right now.

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This is relevant to my interests! I wear an XL shirt size.

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PSN: Runningman4I07. That's an I as in Incredible, not a 1. Yep. PSN names, am I right?

I'll start doing these each day now that I know it's a different seed than the PC version. Corollary: I am incredibly bad. I will join this leaderboard as a morale booster.

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I seem to get a mysterious and cryptic "Cannot join server..." error when I try to connect to Giant Bomb Unofficial and only Giant Bomb Unofficial. It worked fine for the friend I was playing with, so I can only assume some goofy setting on my end is screwed up, but I figured I'd toss the issue here to see if you guys had any ideas.

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I would play the shit out of a Windjammers rerelease. I've been idly pondering taking the steps necessary to like, get Neo Geo shit running just for this game after seeing these streams.

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If it arrives on time, I'll be wearing the FUCK, RYAN DAVIS shirt, which I think will probably make me pretty identifiable. I'll be at the one on the 27th, in all likelihood.

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With respect to crowdedness at Melt on Saturdays and in general, I find that you can get in without much of a wait and get served pretty quick if you just sit at the bar, even when the restaurant is pretty crowded. When I go there (which is more often than I'd like to admit) I generally just eat at the bar as a rule, and it always works out pretty well.

As for splitting them up across two dates, if you want to go for maximum geographic diversity I'd probably say the Lakewood Melt is the one that would let you get more within the people from the West side's ballpark. Independence isn't too far away from where it's looking like we're already going to be at the B-side, and Mentor is kind of way out to the east.

The B-side doesn't serve much in the way of food by the look of things, so it's not a bad idea to do some kind of pre-meet at Melt to eat something if we wanted. Or we could just go drink without eating anything, WHAT COULD GO WRONG

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