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Get Hypercam 2. I know, but the watermark isn't there anymore (unless you're using Hypercam 3 (if you do see somebody using it, tell them to piss off)), making it the best screen capture software out there. It's incredibly easy to set up and use, and you can record long videos without eating up too much space on your hard drive. (And you should probably choose a better game. I'm not saying that LTTP is bad, but as I said before the latest ER, this is a very well known game, meaning that it's gonna be hard to find something new to say. This is even more of a problem when we don't know that you can deliver awesome commentary, like Ryan and Patrick for the ER.)

Thanks for the recommendation. I was going to use Hypercam originally but they don't support mac. If it's that good though, I could always just install Windows through bootcamp. Also, great advice about LTTP; I hadn't really thought about that, but you're right, it's something most gamers are familiar with.

And Fraps also looks like it's just for Windows as well. Looks more and more likely that I'll just be running bootcamp here.

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Oh. Yeah, I find Audacity pretty easy to work with. Have you tried VideoPad?

Cool, I've used audacity in the past so it should be pretty easy hopefully. And nope, I think that's only for Windows. I was actually just going to join them in iMovie, but maybe I should think about using something else?

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Great, thanks for the advice guys! Yeah I was thinking about editing the audio, which I'll have to do regardless if I use Audacity like justkamtoo suggests. Since I don't really have the money for a separate device (although will in the future, so any suggestion on that socrates?), I think I'll go with Fraps and Audacity and then just edit and bring them together with an editor.

Is there any reason you suggest pushing the recording and video to separate drives? After christmas I'll have enough for an external drive, but for now I have a 128 ssd. I figured I'd just delete them off my computer each time and have them uploaded to youtube.

Thanks again for the help :)

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So I thought in between writing papers and going insane from grad school, I would give myself some breaks and maybe do my own little "endurance" run with A Link to the Past. Thought it might be a nice way to break up the monotony of endless pages of crap with 30 minute or so sessions. The only thing is, I'm not too sure on what a good setup here would be software wise, so I look to the GB community for some help :)

I'm basically hoping this can just be done off of my macbook pro. I have a rom, the emulator (yeah yeah, I own the original and all... in fact I think I own 2 of them...) and thought at first I would just use Quicktime's screen recording, but... it doesn't take in the audio from the game and allow me to talk through the mic. Seems like the best it can do is take in both my voice and the games audio from the speakers into the mic, which ends up being a crappy experience.

So basically, do you guys know of any software that would allow me to record part of my screen while also recording the computers audio, while at the same time allowing me to record audio through my mic?

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Hooray Vancouver! I moved here not too long ago, cool to see other users from Vancouver here :)

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This game is honestly fantastic. I got a copy from Best Buy that happened to be selling early (check your local one, they also might be). Almost done with the game and it was well work getting, much to my surprise since I haven't enjoyed a sonic game in ages...

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GamerTag: Boundlessriver1

Not on too too often since I started teaching and going to grad school, but I have a wide variety of online games, so anyone can feel free to message me sometime to play! :)

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@BenderUnit22: Did you just link to the Pocono Record?! I'm not living there right now (just moved to Canada for grad school), but that's my home town!! Right on!!

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Umm, 2 in a row for ranked and maybe 4 for player?  I dunno, some of those players are dammmnn good, i'm awful, lol.

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@GunslingerPanda said:

I used to steal food back in my poor student days at college.

What he said.  It was always small stuff (tuna, some fruit, veggies, etc...), almost exclusively from Walmart, so it's not REALLY stealing......... right?  :(