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Arlington, TX, USA

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@rorie: Any idea how long the postings will be up? I'm gathering things to submit but probably won't have it all in place until Friday.

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Hey folks, Extra Life 2013 and the rollout of explosiveruns.com was a tremendous success last weekend, and it left me hungry for more live streamed duder action. I've checked with the owner/creator of the site and some of the duders who were on Team Giant Bomb, and it seems like there's some interest in running a weekly event wherein a bunch of bros get online and play the same or similar games on the Internet for all to see!

Is this something you would like to see and/or participate in? What game or genre would you like to play? With this week being Call of Duty week, I figure Call of Duty is probably a pretty timely choice for fellers to play and chat about, but I'm up for just about anything.

What do you think?

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@chaser324: I think regularly scheduled community endurance runs is a great idea, and maybe have race weekends, where everyone plays the same game or series of games to see who finishes first!

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So as we wind down on Extra Life 2013, what future plans are there for www.explosiveruns.com? I would love to see this stick around as a kind of hub for Duder Streamers, and special events could be highlighted there.

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@ganjaman: They archived last year's Drew/Alexis Halothon, they'll probably archive this year as well.

Also hey I made a time lapse video of my stream.

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Hey @clarkers, I do a face cam because dudes watching streams like to see face cams. For a marathon, it might be a good idea too, because your audience can see the consistent degradation of your visage over the longest day you will ever have ever.

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I'm at $455 y'all, here's my last update video before this shit pops off on Saturday.

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