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Hey I'm ScrubLeague#1365

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I can't possibly imagine how these are fun for anyone except the audience.

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I can't find the 1up show where Patrick played Wolf Quest and it's eating me up inside.

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Cool, I bought the 3G version and haven't used that since the free first month ran out. I tried to re-up last month and couldn't. This works out pretty well for me I think.

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The only game I'll preorder is Persona 5, just so I can pick it up at midnight and start streaming it immediately and for 24 hours! Anything else I can wait until the embargo is up.

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I'm not going to try to guess rankings for individual games, but this is how the list will shake out.

  • 1 and 2 will be Bayonetta and Mordor
  • 3 4 5 will be Call of Doots, Shovel Knight and Wolf
  • 6 7 8 will be Jazzpunk, Sunset and 4Cry
  • 9 10 will be Transistor and Dan might be able to sneak Kartio in at the bottom.
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@htr10 thanks duder! I had a lot of fun and got a lot of video done, and I'll now be editing and uploading for the next million years. But first, I'm going the h to bed!

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Well I was planning to do a stream today about 12 hours long, and I'm listed on ExplosiveRuns.com, so yeah! I'm finishing Persona 3 FES (The Journey) tonight. Check me out at live.ScrubLeague.tv or as FCDRandy on ExplosiveRuns.com!

Also I kicked in $50 #forthekids