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I don't recommend Rocksmith because it isn't very accurate. I feel that the game's tuner is a little off and I've tried all three platforms it's available on. Honestly, it's fun but the current version doesn't actually teach you guitar because the scales and chords are presented in an arcadey way that doesn't promote actual learning. The minigames that are supposed to reinforce scale/chord progression memorization are too quick with a high difficulty curve that you pay more attention to the game and the colored strings as opposed to the actual scale/chord shapes.

Just look up some songs on UG and then get some scales and chord dictionaries or reference books. The "Learn Scales/Chords" books always suck.

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There was a weird time when FPS games on PS1 all had extremely different ideas on how to mimic mouselook and I think Quake 2 was the first to do the modern Left stick is move Right stick is look combination. I know for sure King's Field had a weird combination of d-pad to move character and face buttons to move camera but it wasn't exactly the same because the left and right on the d-pad was actually camera left-right while square and circle were strafe.

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The Cloud, whatever. Did you know the Dualshock 4 has a fucking touchpad? Holy shit day 1!

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@Dallas_Raines said:

Quick looks, quick looks have never changed.

Fallout was a fine game but I prefer Metal Gear.

Quick Looks have changed.

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I recommend Masaaki Yuasa's Mind Game

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Jeff is it true that you still troll the exclusive LUE boards even though they don't exist anymore?

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I guess no one read the article,. It stated clearly that too many people pulled out at the end so every time they got someone to donate the difference, another one of the backers would pull out.