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A Fun Action Title That Will Keep You Entertained 0

Prototype is a solid game marred by a few flaws that could have been mostly avoided if Radical took a bit more time to polish the dull parts. Action heavy game play that rarely gives the player a break, entertaining movement, and a well implemented upgrade system keep this title from getting old too fast. Repetition sets in after about 15 to 20 hours of game play and only the most die hard completionist will go to the lengths of grabbing all those damn orbs strewn all over the place as well as a...

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Multiplayer does not get much better than SOCOM 2 2

While SOCOM 2 does have a solid single player campaign the bread and butter of the game resides in its multi player content.  The campaign of SOCOM 2 is pretty much your generic team based tactical shooter.   You lead a team of Navy Seals on various missions such as extracting an informant trapped behind enemy lines.   The missions are pretty bland and not all to fun.  If you are looking for a good single player game you might want to look somewhere else.Now the multilayer is the reason to buy a...

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