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I don't really see the relevance... Most games of Dota 2 don't play out like any that you would see at a major tournament. Some heroes just work better in ability combos.

In pub games I've seen just about every hero on that list played well and dominate.

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I'd just grab the base game...It has some solid DLC but the game itself is large enough to keep you busy for awhile...

If you decide when you finish it that you want the DLC then you can find a way to get that later.

$5 will easily buy you 40-100 hours depending how much you want to explore

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I have a Beta code Gift as well if anyone wants it....

I had this installed for awhile and just decided to boot it up today. It's pretty decent but don't expect League of Legends or Dota 2.

For the record this plays a bit like a MOBA in terms of gameplay 4 abilities, leveling every match. But the game modes are significantly different.

The Scout and Horde modes are 4 players vs AI zombies as you work through a level to a boss, with the Horde mode being more difficult. The Scavenger mode is three teams of 4 trying to capture points and gather supplies to bring back to base while dealing with AI zombies and other players.

Every match you gain XP to level up your account, character, and weapons while also gaining supplies. You can gain new weapons, blueprints, crafting components, and single use items at the end of each match as well as currency to let you buy crafting material and unlock characters.

Hopefully that will help people decide if they want beta keys or not.

PM me and I'll add you in Steam and gift it.

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It's a hot topic that is sure to gather some page views. I have no doubt that's why some websites are covering it.

It started though because Ubisoft just made one really stupid statement that fueled the fires and genuinely offended some people (and it was a really stupid statement).

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Yeah, personally I think the lineup is much better this time around. I bought my Xbox 360 about 6 months after launch and it wasn't until Dead Rising and Gears of War in the fall that I seriously started playing the system. Oblivion was a good early boost but at the time I was playing it on my PC.

The biggest problem is that first party exclusives are seriously lacking in the upcoming lineup. Xbox One is alright with Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 at least giving some variety but the PS4 only has Drive Club that I'm aware of as a 2014 release. Though if you look at the memorable exclusive series for Xbox 360 and PS3, very few were around at or around launch.

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You know, I wasn't as down on this fall as most people but if there are many more delays it's really going to be bad.

The PS4 exclusive front looks particularly abysmal right now after the delay of The Order 1886. The Xbox One exclusives don't look that much better (though I'll take Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 over Drive Club).

As long as Dragon Age doesn't slip I'll be happy (and as long as they are making it more like Dragon Age then Dragon Age 2 - which I have to imagine they are since anyone with common sense would.)

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Given your current lists I'd definitely check out 3D Dot Game Heroes.

Also check out Infamous before Infamous 2. I actually preferred the first game overall.

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Graphics wise, sure.

Gameplay wise it seems pretty much exactly like what we saw.

I haven't delved into the online multiplayer missions much so I'm not sure how that part holds up with what they originally showed.

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I'm planning on clearing out my new-gen backlog.

Killzone, Knack, NFS: Rivals, Assassin's Creed IV, Watch Dogs, Wolfenstein. Plus all the PS+ games and other smaller titles like Strider, Transistor.

There are still tons of last gen games in my backlog as well but I'm not going to focus on those and only play them when I get a really strong urge for one.

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I enjoyed Revelations more. Mostly because I expected less from it. It was also mostly just building off of Brotherhood and while the inclusions (tower defense) were pretty bad it still stuck with the core of what made Brotherhood good.

AC3's pacing was just a mess and the homestead and trading aspects all seemed half-baked. The ship combat was good, but was completely out of place and mostly just seemed like a gameplay prototype for 4.