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Getting married in less than a month, and every little bit of cash I can save helps.  I don't care for HD video, I don't have a smart phone, and I'm used to seeing ads.  A bit sad about the Bombcast, as I am a weekly Wednesday work day listener, but not much I can do there.  The shirt was a cool addition to sweeten the deal, but still not quite enough to push me over the edge.  

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Bumping this so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle,  was great for paging through consoles and accessories when doing quests.  Works for searching as well.

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I personally like microbrews.  Not sure where your from, but try to hunt down some local brew companies.  

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Bypassed the Giantbomb app in favor of putting together a game.  Was much more interested in learning more XNA than doing more WPF/Silverlight.  I'll let you all know when I can release any info on the game..

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@xobballox:  Missed that part of the article....  Makes it sickening on a whole other level.
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@MarkWahlberg said:
" @Babble: @ryanwho:   Ok, maybe I phrased it wrong. I just found it annoying that they connected it with video games for no fucking reason. By saying they approached the situation as though it was a video game, the dude implies that playing video games skewed their world view, and that if they did not play games, they would not have that view of the situation. Maybe I'm just reading too much into it, but that don't make me a bitch. "
My connection to video games is valid in so far as the imagery.  I wasn't placing any blame on games, or saying that this occurred because the soldiers involved played games and that's why it happened.  I was merely creating an association between games and the images in the video and how closely games can easily mirror the imagery that these soldiers see when operating modern war vehicles.
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" @Xeiphyer said:
" This is fucked up, but I don't think we really need this in a videogame forum. "
I was just thinking any kind of debate this might spawn from gamers isn't going to be a healthy one. Some Euros start casting aspersions on America as a whole and anyone who calls them out gets accused of defending murderers. Then Nazis and Hitler, then MB locks it. We could save some time. "
I thought it was something we should be aware of, especially those of us that are American.  To think this has no relevancy to video games (not to blame, but to see things like it in video games, i.e. "No Russian" and the AC130 stuff) does a disservice to your fellow gamers.  Some people are interested in the implications this has on our little word.  The idea that video games are all fun and should never be looked at seriously doesn't help our favorite media to be taken more seriously by the masses.
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This article, along with the accompanying video from (redacted) left me with a pit in my stomach.  If all the information is true... scary stuff.  Took my mind back to the discussion about Modern Warfare and the AC130 stuff and just how uncanny the valley is when watching this video.

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I find myself skipping between Minus the Bear, Disarmonia Mundi, Bring Me the Horizon, Cage, And Aesop Rock today, all within an hour span.  That's a little bit of softer rock, metalcore, hardcore, and hip hop.  Anyone ever find themselves skipping between vastly different musical genres in a short period of time?