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I can handle the snark from the GB crew, but I simply can not stand anyone from the GS teams at all. Their tweets this week have made me want to come out E3 and slap some sense into them. It's all about how you present your snark: a nose in the air or a sarcastic grin.

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Bawls will always a favorite of mine. I get it on rare occasions when I order a case and I just love the taste of it. Plus its one of the few energy drinks that's ever worked.

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AH SON OF A WHORE! I was just a few minutes late!

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Forza 5, Ryse, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Killer Instinct, Peggle 2, and Dead Rising 3

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There's a lot I like about Killzone. It has great music and it has a great style to it. Just playing it breaks the immersion for me because like others have said, it is really clunky and slow. Having said that, there isn't much in Killer Instinct to justify a console purchase alone. The Xbox One does have the better lineup so far when it comes to exclusives at least.

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For a while there the Hotspot was still pretty good, I liked Brendan and Kevin Van Ord a lot but then they killed it off for whatever reason. But from back to the beginning of the video game podcasts the Bombcast crew were always the best and clearly why I am here today.

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I always thought I was a part of the majority when it came to the Matrix sequels but I am surprised to find that I am not. I loved Reloaded! I saw it the weekend it came out, the action was intense, the audience clapped at certain points, and I remember people going insane when Neo saves Morpheus and Key duded from the semi truck on the freeway. Revolutions didn't have as much fanfare but I guess I was one of the few that bought into the bullshit and loved the mythology surrounding the matrix at the time. I only had seen the first one by chance on our descrambled ppv channel and found myself watching it over and over and over. I guess also at the time one of my friends just started to drive and I was getting to go to the movies without my parents for the first time. Watching Reloaded hits a certain nostalgia scratch that I have and only good vibes come from it.

Also the special features on reloaded had that MTV movie awards spoof with Will Ferrell that was really damn funny.

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Whatever the reason may be I don't care, I love having him on the podcast. Great duder.