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From what I understand, hackers are using this game to hack into the New Nintendo 3DS. Something about the cart is allowing them to break the system open. I had a guy beg me for a copy of it and I ended up selling it for $25 ( It used to cost 29.99) and when I sold it to him I asked why he wanted to buy it at that price and he told me all about what's going on. You definitely won't find it on store shelves right now.

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Memphis, TN

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I sat ringside for the first time! Not the best PPV but it was fun! got to keep the chair too! Seeing sting in person was pretty cool tho

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Haven't kept up since the Royal Rumble but I got a floor seat tonight to Fastlane. Kinda bummed Bray Wyatt isn't on the card, can anyone fill me in why he's not on tonight?

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The real question is who is going to replace Patrick?

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Oh man The Interview started so damn strong. I laughed my ass off at first. Not so much past the opening.

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I like shooters, I loved Halo, and I couldn't be more indifferent about Destiny. I guess I just prefer offline story based games. The story introduced in the beta was really cool but there's just no indication as to how much of this game is even going to touch on things like that. The mystery around this game is the thing that has been driving my interests to pick it up.

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I can handle the snark from the GB crew, but I simply can not stand anyone from the GS teams at all. Their tweets this week have made me want to come out E3 and slap some sense into them. It's all about how you present your snark: a nose in the air or a sarcastic grin.

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Bawls will always a favorite of mine. I get it on rare occasions when I order a case and I just love the taste of it. Plus its one of the few energy drinks that's ever worked.

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AH SON OF A WHORE! I was just a few minutes late!