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I'm super keen to get to fishing, but this is the second day in a row where Nook hasn't had a fishing rod for me in the junction and I foolishly went down the bug net path of the tutorial.

Now Sparro has asked me to catch him a Guppy and I DO NOT WANT TO DISAPPOINT!

I was hoping one of you wonderful people could hook me up with sweet fishing rod?

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Just a heads up, I'm getting this at the moment as well with Borderlands 2 and a couple of other games. I sent off a ticket to support, but might be something on their end...

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Patrick, I'm actually a little disappointed that you didn't drop all those extra K's. Personally I like to Imagine that you're name is actually Clepek, and you're just a really big fan.

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My guess is it will be some sort of standalone downloadable title, perhaps episodic as it would be an easy fit, that can be collated after the fact on disc similar to the GTAIV Episodes.

In terms of content I was thinking perhaps it could be a prequel about Thomas Zane and his fall into the darkness. The only thing that makes me second guess this is that if it's supposed to be a good jumping on point for new fans, telling Zane's story first would probably spoil a lot of the confusion experienced in the original game.
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Yeah, the only real reason that we're seeing such a push of 3D on the PS3 is because Sony want to sell more 3D tvs. Microsoft doesn't have that motive (do we even need to mention nintendo?) so it's not as big a deal.

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We'll lets be honest, I don't think this was ever considered a viable product for the market. It's too creepy and doesn't really have a target audience. Something like Kinectimals makes more sense, at least from a business perspective.

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@ShiftyMagician: That story does sound like it could be kind of amazing. Don't give up on your story ideas just yet :p
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@Bogitt: Thanks, luckily its work that I generally enjoy. I'm excited that we're actually getting up to the animation stage of the project, just have to get over the hurdle that is layouts (camera setup etc) and then I'll be underway.
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I've been a member enjoying the site for a good year now, so I didn't have any issue with signing up for a membership. I'm going to try and post fairly regularly here but I'm so fucking terrible at being consistent with this stuff that it's not likely to take. 
So what I'm working on lately has been my final project for uni. It's a two minute animated short called Against the Grain, about a lumberjack who's cut down all the trees and needs to find a new job. We're keeping it pretty lighthearted, so don't expect an inconvenient truth or anything, but it's definitely been a lot of fun, and pain, to make. 
I'm not really sure if this is the place to talk about it, seeings as it's a film and not a game, but I might keep this blog updated with its progress from time to time.  
As for progress its just heading into the animation stage of production now (assets created etc, its a 3D animation). So I'll probably chuck up some images of concepts and the such later. See how we go. 
Anyway, that'll do for now.