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Id like to go to the party

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I don't understand was this created or discovered?

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accountname: feddy707

although some people have trouble adding me by that try my character names




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I have no experience with photoshop but I bet if someone just re sized images of all the T-shirt Designs they would look pretty good in that spot, that would give you a bunch of different designs right off the bat.

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@Demp:I also have a special edition controller and those puzzles worked fine for me but I did notice that I could barely feel the left side vibration unless i was standing on top of the fork.

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Not sure if this is relevant to the Black Monolith but I noticed that if you stand on the zero and re-input the code form the treasure map it plays the secret unlocked noise again and the saving cube appears in the corner on the screen also every time you do this after reloading the game the monolith will disappear and come back out of the floor again. If you have just made it appear form the floor and you re-input the code just the noise and the save happen without it lifting out of the floor.

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I posted a thread over here and you also spelled my user name with an R on the chart in your first post, it would be great if you corrected that. Thanks for starting this hopefully it works out.

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Ninja proposed the giant bomb planet earth meet up initiative bomb the night.

I thought it would be sweet to start work on one For the greater San Francisco Bay Area. This thread is to see who else is interested, where we want to meet up and establish a time frame. so post any thoughts you have here.

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I would be interested in helping to organize a San Francisco / Bay Area meetup. I guess that counts as West Coast although I doubt people form LA want to drag there ass up to SF and vice verse.

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