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Best way to use ads I have seen in a long long time. I turned off my Ad Block just so I could see the Best Buy ad and complete it, 
Did you hear that? I actually turned OFF my Ad Block. On purpose! How many sites can get their viewers to do the same?

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@radioraz said:
" meh "
Way to show your  intelligence.  
I could see the benefits of an experience system but at the same time I can see individuals abusing and grinding it just to look high ranked. 
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@WhatTheDang said:
" Here's every TNT:    Kessler: The chat has a question: Does this game have (tired giant bomb joke)?  Ryan: That is a terrible question  "
Yup. 100% agreed. You come to expect it on every live feed now.
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@Chavtheworld said:

" Goddamn thats like 4am UK time... GRR. "

Why the GRR? It's over now, just watch the archived version at your leisure. 
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@ZeekDaGeek said:
" http://www.justin.tv/giantbomb/b/267391270 Time stamp 26:45. GIF IT! "
That's exactly what I thought as soon as I saw Ryan's face go crazy. Has someone accomplished this yet?  
I wouldn't be surprised if we saw this looping in the background on next week's I Love Mondays.
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@b33: They had major sound lag when it was live and this is just a recording of that so I'm not surprised. They even turned it off/on during the feed to try to correct it but I found it was still out of sync. 
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@skrutop said:
" Well then I am unofficially ready to pick up this game for the 360. "
Exactly this. I have unofficially reserved MS points for this game.
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Why the Tekken bashing? I would pay to see Armor King vs Blanka and Alex the boxing dinosaur vs Dan any day.

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I loved it! Thanks for the new avatar. :)

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It's a steal at $5. Count me in.