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Really enjoyed watching your video as I had no idea this game existed . The idea of doing it co-op and the comparison to RE5 makes me wish they had zombies on the moon.

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I don't know if I like the zombies part. I know no one is forcing me to buy it but I look at RDR as all my favourite spaghetti westerns rolled into one and zombies might take away from that experience.  Train jacking and bank robbing I can see. Zombies? Just seems out of place.

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It was okay. I loved UT3 and R6:V2 (which are what some say this is a cross between) and couldn't get into the game. I used up all my free trial time without regret but won't be purchasing the full copy. I love fast shooters like UT3, TimeSplitters, Quake Arena but found it hard to aim correctly in this one.

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3 times a day?? Seriously? 
I'm training to be a police officer and all the workout forums I researched have most people going 3 times per week.  Some go 4-5 per week, but afterward they give themselves 2 days off. Do you do it in short bursts? Maybe go 3 times a day for 20 minutes or something? 
I'm not ragging on you, Brad. I just don't want to see you hurt something that won't easily recover.