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I always check out local pawn shops rather than GoD. The prices are way better for older games and you're supporting your local community. The prices on GoD are crazy compared to even Walmart bargain bin stuff.  I got Civ Rev for 12 bucks and it's, what, 30 on GoD? I even found Earth Defense Force (360) for $14 and that game is hard to find now. 
Mom & Pop pawn shops > Gamestop & GoD any day.

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Now I'm hungry for scotch. :(

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Now I'm hungry. :(

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Oh man, so so tempting. I got platinum in it for PS3 but that has long since been pawned and my PS3 dead. I just might have to pick this up for 360 now since I never played any of the DLC.

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Best part about WaW was this mode. Since they now have bot support I hope they add that into the zombie mix so playing solo doesn't make you feel so alone and helpless when the internet goes down.

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I'll wait until the balance between the size of the game library and whatever the handheld's price will be at that time is before getting one. Just have to wait it out for that sweet spot between the two.

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This has been making the rounds on every gaming site/blog and the reactions are all the same. It just reminds me the days of "send us a picture of your high score on your TV with a self-addressed envelope and we'll include it in the next Nintendo Power!"

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Loved the Mad Max trilogy. 
Loved Outlander for SNES. 
Loved the Mad Max jokes and finding him in that secret location in Fallout 2. 
Loved everything that is Mad Max. But...if the forth movie follows the curse of other forth movies *cough* Indiana Jones *cough* I will not be very happy. :(

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Just like when that "new movie" teaser came out, I'm not believing anything until someone from WB declares it official or Boon himself tweets about it. I really love MK though, so I hope this is true.