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Loved Desperate Struggle so I will be looking forward to more media of this.

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" wait, so we already know how DR2 ends? with Chuck being framed etc...etc..? "

I'm pretty sure that's how it starts. Chuck goes on some show with zombies as entertainment (there's a trailer of him and other contestants on dirt bikes) and something goes wrong and all zombies break loose...again. Chuck then gets blamed and the game revolves around him trying to clear his name while searching for Zombrex for Katie. Again, I think there are trailers that better describe what I said.  
EDIT: The trailer I was referring to is on this site so check it out.
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Case 0 was awesome. Will be picking this up as well.

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Those child demon..things.. don't look very scary to me. They actually put me off from the game. :/  
I never played the first one but always wanted to so I have no idea what the rest of the monsters look like. I just don't understand why they didn't make a scarier model for that type. The dead married couple from Beatlejuice turned themselves into scarier monsters than that..thing.

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It's sad when the only reason why I'm even considering getting one is for the new Animal Crossing. The wife and I love the Wii version as it gives us another thing to do together. I;m just glad there's a slider in case the "3Dness" messes with her eyes.

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You can tell who the console kiddies are by the "lolz" and "hahaha". Anyone who knows anything understands this is nothing new and there are people out there who actually prefer it this way.

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Now every time I see or hear Brad I'm going to think "Shoemarker". It's just like that damn GoldenEye cover!

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@wolf_blitzer85 said:
" @TehJames said:
" A Wii for 2k or a 360 for 4k, hm.. "
Just for future reference, when you say 2K you're actually saying 2000. "
I'm glad someone informed him. I was getting very confused wondering who was selling these things in the triple 0 price range.
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Very well done! I'm greatly enjoying these.

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I loved the PC game, although I never got very far. I also have the first level as a deathmatch map for UT3 (PS3). There is no doubt I'll be buying this. Multiplayer is going to be insane !
I hope there's a TNT for it on here when it comes out.