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Still play Syndicate Wars on the PC from time to time. Also have the PS1 version kicking on my PSP. :)

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I loved watching Jeff play the first one, can't wait for this.

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Still waiting for a console release. A man can only play Sacred 2 and MUA for so long.

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I'm playing the demo and it's pretty good if you just accept it as pure fan service rather than a full Castlevania game. I think $15 is too much, though, and will pick this up when it gets cheaper or goes on sale. I honestly think they could of done couch co-op, though. If you set the camera to 2x in the options you can totally see two people playing comfortably tethered together. 

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Sorry, but my craptastic Mac Mini can't handle either HoN or LoL. Good thing DoTA is still being updated. :)

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@MrKlorox: Awesome! I never thought about using the little plastic circle under soda bottles.  Very smart idea. I'll have to use that instead when I fix my controller.
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@MrKlorox said:

" I ended up modding my d-pad by grinding down the surrounding plastic ring. Can't wait to try it out on this game. It still kinda sucks for rapid text entry, but it's much better for movement and ability selection than before. Now I need to do it for my other two controllers.
I wonder how it will play with a fight stick (not pad). SOTN was excellent with one, especially because of the way special moves were executed. This game seems much more simplistic (single direction plus B button). Hope you can re-map buttons. "

If you're going to take apart your controller to sand the ring you should go out and get a cheap can of nuts that has a clear plastic lid. You cut out a circle out of the lid that's a little bit smaller than the bottom of the d-pad and leave it under it when you reassemble the controller. That way it prevents that d-pad from sliding around (which is why MS made that ring so thick to begin with, to prevent it from moving) and it also makes a nice clicking noise so you know it's tight. Word.
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If they are going to sacrifice this so that there's a better chance of Magicka coming out then I am all for it. The more Diablo-style games for the 360 the better.

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@LiQuid3600 said:
" Since the single player and multiplayer are the same game, and I've heard that boss hit points increase depending on how many players are on the team, I wonder if that will mean that loot drops will improve as well.  Jeff seemed to have been getting the same crappy loot playing by himself in the QL. "
That's a very good point. Jeff going solo could be the reason why it was hoop earring and hobo central. 
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Alright, thanks for the info. I will give it a shot once I can fit it into my budget. Cheers!