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From what little I've played this year, easily Shovel Knight. For $15 it feels like a steal to me. At 13 hours of total playtime, I exhausted my first play through. I'll most likely go back for New Game +.

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Nothing of any real depth to add here, but I like his stuff. At least the sequelitis stuff I've watched. It's presented in a way I can enjoy, is fairly well produced, and even when I happened to disagree he didn't seem to intentionally be polarizing with his opinion or demeaning towards a certain audience.

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I will say though, the classic sound of the shotgun reload and door opening at the end are amazing.

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Teaser was revealed for the upcoming Doom, with more info promised at Quakecon 2014. The teaser shows what looks like the iconic Cyberdemon, although obviously redesigned. Definitely pumped, although from the glimpse we get I can't say I quite dig the redesign. Think it needs to look more...demonic. In any case, think we're heading to Earth this time around?

What are your thoughts?

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Looks like I'm in the minority regarding how I feel towards not only this episode, but the season in general.

To start, I was a big fan of last night's hour. I thought the intro was a nice kick-off, with a genuinely touching exchange between Sam and Maester Aemon. All the little conversations between the characters prior to the battle helped set the mood for what was to come. The battle itself was top-shelf as far as TV-based action translates and I loved the whole atmosphere of it. Being set against the night with the blacks and dark blues lit by the yellow and orange of the torches/arrows created a great ambiance. The whole thing gave me a Helm's Deep vibe and so the added LoTR nostalgia was appreciated. It also helps that I find Jon Snow and the Night's Watch to be one of the more interesting arcs in the show, so giving up the narrative of everything else for the battle was fine by me. I definitely understand where some people would be upset though. An hour-long character segment where you're not particularly interested in the character must be disappointing. For me that'd be like an entire episode directly focused on Stannis. Having not the read the books and going only off of the show, that dude's a bore.

As for the season itself, my general takeaway from opinions online is that people find it lacking, or at least in comparison to older seasons which I find crazy. Having recently watched the first season again, I was surprised at how good it was and so maybe re-watching the second and third will give me some more appreciation, but man -- the pace of both season two and three was such a slow burn from what I remember. So much so that only the last two or three episodes felt meaningful, with so much crazy shit happening that everything before it, despite being the set-up, felt meaningless. I guess it's the pace I didn't like, but again, maybe I just have to re-watch both seasons. By contrast, the pace throughout season four has been terrific, with said crazy shit happening as early as the second episode with Joffrey's death.

That being said, I'm pumped for the finale next week. There's just so much stuff to wrap up it's hard not to be. Having ruined Lady Stoneheart for myself prior to season four even airing, I feel that if the show ends on this reveal that there'll be a lot of good anticipation built up for the next season, which will make waiting another year that much harder. =(

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I think we have a thread for the Kickstarter already, plus Patrick did a 7DFPS video a while back that heavily featured the prototype.

So we're super hot on this game already. Super. Hot.

My bad, although I couldn't find any thread for it besides a mention of some gloves haha. Also, I will say that this prototype is certainly updated from the one featured in the 7DFPS video. Improved graphics, different stages, etc.

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Thought I'd bring this to everyone's attention. A new Kickstarter was made for SUPERHOT, a FPS in which time moves forward as you move. You can check out the Kickstarter page, but know that I'm NOT doing a plug for this game. Hell, it's already funded with 20 days to go.

That being said, I highly recommend trying out the free, browser-based prototype the developers created for anyone interested. It's a quick five or so levels which I had a blast with. After playing through it, I see why the game was funded so quick. Link to that here.

Also, props to fattony12000 for bringing up the game a week or so back. I'm glad that at least someone else stumbled upon the game and shared the discovery.

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@mb: Yeah, I'm positive, considering my info is from ENB too lol. Watch his first video on DS2, starting at 30:40. I guess there's not much variation in damage, but there seems to be two distinct outputs depending on where you hit with your weapon. So technically yes, it is a matter of distance between yourself and the enemy too.

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@teamjersey: Yes, back in the tutorial area you got in a coffin. Go back and get in that coffin again. You'll be changed back to a female.

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@mb: It's not distance but rather weapon placement, so it's somewhat related. Damage output is related to the specific part of the weapon that hits the enemy. As an example, damage output would be different if your were to hit an enemy with the tip of your sword at the end of the swing, as opposed to if the sword impacted along it's entire length. Pretty neat system.