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To never have to worry about money, ever.

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Everything beyond season 1 of Transformers is crap. I rewatched all episodes recently.

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YES YES and YES!!! Im glad to see other people share my taste and enthusiasm for A1 Steaksauce on a hamburger! YES!

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A1 Steaksauce

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The setlist really is a who's who of Rock music. It covers almost all genres and is pretty well balanced. If you havent heard of the majority of the bands then I would judge that your are either extremely young or just dont listen to music.

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There is a good chance some of it may be the Madden 09 soundtrack (In Flames, Trivium, etc...)

I do know that Testament announced 2 songs for Rock Band 2, 1 is Souls of Black that will be on disc and the other (a personal favorite of mine) will be Electric Crown.

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I did not purchase the first one. I will buy a 360 just for Rock Band 2 because of great thrash bands like Testament, Megadeth, and Burton-era Metallica. Not to mention the likes of Dream Theater and Judas Priest. I played the first one a lot, but it was owned by a friend.