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If you're going for platinum. Don't forget to get all of the seeds. it's easiest just to walk back and forth along the highways to pick them up. But if you forget and wait too long you wont have enough time to pick them up. You need 100 total and you can only get like 15 in a half day.

also, yeah kill all of every monster (except that metal bug thing, it takes like 20000 kills). that'll make the extra dungeon easier.

it's also possible to kill Aeronite but you'll need pretty specific strats to pull it off. I recommend googleing/youtubeing it.

I platinumed on one playthrough plus just a bit of cleanup. sounds like you're off to a good start.

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yeah i had the same thing, had to update the vita

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everything from Rockstar

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if you store them in the oven... where do you put them when you want to use the oven??? Just seems like kind of a pain to me.

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The previous game is free for Playstation Plus members right now over PSN, wasn't really a stated option, but thought I'd point it out for on-lookers.

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though it's now pretty old and it's really just a JRPG, Xenogears (PS1, PSN) has always been my favorite game because of the strong storyline.

but yeah, it's not quite the same as Persona, the closest I can think of would be something like Sakura Wars, but it essentially is like playing a light harem anime, nothing really great

the other unique aspect of persona is the time management. I think if you like persona and you're cool with good strategy titles you'll probably like Devil Survivor on the DS, it's another ten shin megami title by Atlus, great story, multiple endings, enjoyable persona like strategy combat.  ( but none of that mundane stuff that sets persona apart )

I guess something like harvest moon has all of those mundane elements, but misses out on the story.

But yeah, I know what you mean, I'm always itching to play other persona and persona-like games.

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You should just move to Canada and visit other places. ^^d

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played some of the campaign. so far a lot like the previous game, but with better cards.

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This is going to be a loooooong week.