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Year of the beard?

That's all years!

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I've been waiting for this site to do a story on interactive fiction since forever!

Great also that Inform 7 got a mention, I played around a bit with it many years ago and made some rudimentary games and it was a lot of fun. It's basically programming but it's the friendliest and most straight-forward programming you can imagine.

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As people have already pointed out, the ramblings of RMS should not be taken as representative of Linux users in general.

I feel like RMS has a constant need to one up himself in order to stay in the spotlight, saying crazier things all the time. If you've watched the interview he did on the Linux Action Show you know what I mean. He basically said that a software developers children starving to death because he didn't make any money writing free open software is better than him making money and feeding his kids off of creating proprietary software. So yeah, he's nuts, and values life sort of the same way a terrorist does, in that the agenda is more important than human lives (NOT saying RMS is a terrorist!).

I'm a recent Linux fan, having in the last couple of months started fiddling around with Linux (I started with Arch as my first distro because I thought I could just as well learn as much as possible from the start) and I love using and tweaking it. We're still a long way off from having all PC gaming needs satisfied without running Windows but every step on the way is a reason to celebrate.

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From what I've heard 0x10c is supposed to be pronounced 'Ten to the C'.

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The Warhammer 40K MMO is the one game that I am looking forward to the most. They must release it!

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@Grissefar said:

P4/DP worked well because the split between combat and story were 50/50, while on Chrono Trigger it's more like 95/5, and what little story there is is hard for them to play off of because there are no real cutscenes or voice acting.

And the fact that they purposely avoid reading the text that tells them what to do because they think that will be more entertaining. Maybe it is to some people, but it isn't to me.

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The fact that dedicated servers for an PC FPS is even news is pretty damn sad. It should be a core feature and not something that needs to be announced. This is like Nintendo announcing that the new Super Mario game will have jumping.

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It's always sad to see an MMO get shut down, even when it's one I've never played like SWG. I hope all the SWG players will find ToR to their liking, or find some other MMO they find palatable.

Be well SWG players!

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My favorite mode is instagib, esp in UT2k4. it boils down the FPS genre into its basics of aiming and dodging and learning the levels.