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@Pr1mus: Check your math please.

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Good list. I just started Nier after getting it cheap and it's better than I expected. 
I would suggest skipping Star Ocean, seriously, while not bad per se, I found nothing about that game that made me think the developers actually cared. It's super contrived and frustratingly annoying all around (terrible voice acting and scenario design). 
Resonance of Fate on the other hand, masterpiece. 
To each his own though, hope you stick with your plan and only play JRPG's, good luck.

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@DaBuddaDa said:
" I think this will turn out to be true. Imagine if Nintendo suprise releases the 3DS in America Sega Saturn style a day before Kinect is set to launch. Microsoft would be doomed! "
Something tells me the demographic that Microsoft is trying to go for with the Kinect isn't necessarily the same one that goes for something like the 3DS. Not saying there isn't overlap, but it's probably not that great.
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Boooooooooo! I Just joking, quests are quickly becoming addicting and definitely a lot of fun.

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From the video is looks good. But then again many games look good. It seems to have the speed and movement if the Wanzers down from what was seen in the Front Mission 4 intro, I just hope the shooting and action is solid and has some kick too it instead of feeling too loose, like when in some FPS's you feel like your guns aren't doing any damage. With Square Enix looking over the project I hope they wouldn't let a sub par game be released. Like always, time will tell, I'd say definitely wait for impressions. Quick look please!

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From what I can tell the your points are only updated every 24 hours, so it'll be atleast a day before you see any new points show up on your report.

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Mine just got calculated, took about 5 hours, but no big deal.
Definitely one of the sweetest features you guys have on the site, now I'm addicted to achievements again!

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Got one just to play Skies of Arcadia once more. It's been way to long.