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First of all, fantastic game. Loved the atmosphere, gameplay, attention to detail and the story overall.

It's interesting to hear so many felt the game was bit creepy and scary and you were expecting something awful. I felt kinda from the get go quite safe and at home in the place. Sure I was a little creepy at times with the lightning, creaking and the light bulb breaking but it just felt like "ohh this is just a little creepy since I'm alone in this big house" I never felt like something more than what happen was gonna happen (I did like leave ALL the lights on though. Felt safer). And I never truly felt that something horrible had happened to Sam. I figured out before hand maybe 40 mins or so before the end that Sam had probably run away with Lonnie. Of course I wasn't sure until the very end but that was my guess for a while.

I found it neat that there's a electricians assessment of the house talking about how there's more wiring than seems apparent in the house (it's find in the dads study) foreboding the fact that there's all these secret rooms where there are more light bulbs --> more wiring.

Really enjoyed the side story stuff as well. The marital troubles between the parents, and dad trouble writing and finding a new publisher. I did however not really pick up on the whole Oscar, Terrence dynamic which is talked about in the thread and wow, what a great side story. Really glad I came here to find out. I had some trouble reading Oscars hand writing so I wasn't clear on all the details from the letters by him I found. Some really dark stuff.

@cyberfunk Ha! I thought the same thing.

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@endurancefun: Ahh that's my avatar. Such a funny moment. Also I like that Vinny has done the "where'd you hide it Vinny?" more than just in that quick look. I think he most recently did in the whole Bioforge marathon.

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Shit... RIP Ryan. Condolences to the GB crew, friends and family.

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Goodbye and Salute to you Patrick! I am looking forward to new Spookin' with Scoops already!

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Thanks yet again!

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Thanks! 1 hour in and it's really entertaining! Love background Jeff.

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Most emotional: Leaving Lee behind/turning

Most shocking: I think I gotta go with Larry cause man that was just the biggest "WTF" but Carley's death was a shocking one as well, and so wanted to replay since I thought I had caused here death.

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Yeah the end had me misty. I definitively have felt emotions during the episodes but not close to really tearing up as I did with the end. And I even surprised myself when it felt my throat choking up and it put a smile one my face as I thought that a video game put me to tears. Lee's and Clementines relationship reminds me of the son and father in The Road (A book, and I'll be honest film that also brought me to tears) with just how they go through all this fucked up stuff.