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I've been using the Giant Bomb Roku app quite a bit lately. The video quality is great and I've been very happy with it but I do have one issue that may or may not be addressable. Quick Looks older than a few months old fall off the app and there is no way to access them. Would it be possible to add some kind of search feature that would give you the ability to access videos that are not listed under on of the categories? I like to go back and watch classic Quick looks from time to time and not being able to do this with the roku app is a bummer. I'm not sure who I should be addressing with this question. Hopefully someone will at least point me in the right direction.

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I just installed all 6 CDs. I think I might give it whirl.

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@Rourkey said:
 Not sure where a hat would go or if it would even show up but Thanks In Advance =D "

Ha, I don't know if it turned out how I pictured it but I think you can see what I was going for.  Maybe someone with better tools or skills can do a better job.
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The power of Paint!
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Honestly, I just want to support the guys anyway that I can.  I went with $5 for now to see how things go.  If things go well and they don't abandon the non-pay members and they continue pushing out the content I love, I will go all in with a full year subscription.

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I've actually started listening to them again.  I've only ever actually watched a few episodes, for the most part I just minimize the browser window and listen while I'm at work.  The ER makes for great background noise.

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I was just going to come in and mention Mass Effect.  Nice to see it in the OP 

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I had no idea Futurama was back on the air.   Finally, justice.  I'll have to add it to my DVR.

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" @FelixLighter: I've been telling people that this price will not last since it was announced.  The addition of a 120GB seems f'n weird though.  We *will* see a Short Arcade as soon as a significant chunk of the existing "tall" XBoxes are sold, though. They can't not do that.  Maybe 150/225/300? "

 That could be it.   I just can't imagine them giving up their price advantage at this point in the game and this 120GB model makes no sense at $279.99.  They shouldn't have put it on the shelf until it could be priced properly.  The only reason I can think of why they did is demand was greater then they predicted, so they quickly pushed these on the shelf at this dumb price.
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 Creating 2  $250+  SKUs separated by $20 makes absolutely no sense.  It seems to me, they have a different price structure planned for the near future but they need to clear out all the old units before they can implement it properly.  
I'm guessing an arcade type unit will also appear when the old units are virtually sold out.