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As much as I love the Sims, and yeah, I kinda do, I am reluctant to play anything involving Katy Perry.

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YES!  I cannot wait to play this.  Cheesy, cheesy goodness.

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"Did it once, and I don't want to do it again."  So, replay value???

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The Tomb Raider reboot looks good.  It's more than just following Tits MacGee while she does acrobatics and punches dinosaurs.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  Just sayin'.

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Hmm, I get the impression that the best thing about this game is the Quick Look commentary.

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Wow, $2.00 is a "super value" for 3 plays?  I am either really old or really cheap.  Back in my day pinball games only cost two quarters.

But, curmudgeon tendencies aside, money is money, and not particularly attractive.  That machine is a thing of beauty, and beauty is for a lifetime.  By that logic, it really should be a no-brainer.  Buy the pinball machine.  Love it.  Press its buttons and bounce its shiny balls until the flashing lights read HIGH SCORE.
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I subscribed to the Valve YouTube channel so I could be first amongst my friends to see the Aperture Science commercials.
I changed my TF2 name to Hamsterface GerbilTATTIES.
I watched the launch counter on Steam tick its way down while my friends debated the merits of staying up to stand in line for the midnight release at their local GameStop (or worse, having to work the midnight release at GameStop).
I stalked the hallowed forums and video libraries of Giant Bomb for previews and insider insights.

So, nearly a week after release, why have I barely scratched the surface?  Stupid life.

As with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Challenger explosion and the moment the second plane hit the World Trade Center, I will always remember exactly where I was when Portal 2 went live:  Singing NIN karaoke at a dive bar in Central phoenix.  Hey, when the bartender likes you enough to pull out a stepladder so she can reach the good orange flavoured vodka from the top shelf, you don't stand her up on karaoke night.

The first pale indication that Wednesday would be yet another sunny day had already begun to silhouette the cactus-studded mountains near my home when that long awaited Portal 2 download finally finished.  I passed out while Steam restarted itself.

Wednesday.  Hump Day for some.  A day of rest for those of us who haven't seen a proper weekend in 5 years.  My roommate was smart and took the day off work to play through the game.  He was even more dedicated than I, earning his Golden Potato a few days previous.  That sort of left me to take the car in for maintenance and catch up on some of the sleep I had forgotten to do the night before.  By Wednesday evening he was chomping at the bit, eager for me to catch up so we could co-op together without spoilering the single-player experience.  I told him to bugger off and let me sleep.  Well, I attempted to tell him to bugger off, but it came out as more of a pathetic, semi-lucid wail.  I didn't even hear my phone ring when my Script Frenzy writing buddies called to see why I hadn't joined them at our weekly coffee shop meet-up (or why I hadn't come to pick them up for the carpool).

Which is another thing; April is to screenwriters what November is to people who enjoy acronyms.   The creative sadomasochists behind NaNoWriMo host a screenwriting competition during the month of April and for some insane reason, I thought it would be a good idea to join.  As of 4am I am only 72 pages into a 100 page script with a week to go.  And only on level 19 of the game, barely past the training stages.

In the meantime, it has completely slipped my mind that this weekend marked an important time for Jews, Christians and Pagans alike.  Apparently today is Easter Sunday.  The busy week should have been an indication as travel agencies, like movie theatres, tend to attract more customers around major family holidays.  Back-to back clients have filled my overtime laden days to the point I haven't been able to justify the shortest unauthorized break.  Thank the gods Amazon had a meltdown and denied me the distraction of Whiskey Media.

In my defense, between birthday parties, Rock Band competitions and other obligations, secular and non, I've dedicated more time to thinking with portals than sleeping with my eyes closed.

So, this is my vow, dear Gods of the Internets.  Tuesday I will play Portal 2.  No more excuses.  No more distractions.  Well, aside from karaoke.  And having my Trigun tattoo photographed.  And making chocolate for the writing group.  And ...