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Ugh, this stuff gives me a headache and reminds me why I mostly stick to videos content and avoid the forums and the chat. Can't people just be nice?

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So many spoilers ITT.

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This show is too silly. Hopefully next season is better.

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The show's bordering on uncharted waters. What we'll see of Tyrion in this season, is as far as I can recall, the end of the known storyline for him. So yeah, I really need Winds of Winter now. Pretty please? [spoiler tags my own] [all book spoilers]

Awesome! I love spoilers!

Every week I come here. And every week someone spoils something huge. You'd think I'd learn not to come back.

It really, really isn't that hard to tag shit. The first fucking sentence in this thread says "label book spoilers," yet we can't even count on users to spoiler-tag shit, let alone indicate if it's a book spoiler or not.


Was anyone else on the edge of their seat during the early tavern scene, when the patron was trying to guess which song the er... "waitress(?)" was burping? I was dying to hear the name of a 3rd song in this show. That's gotta be the easiest game to play in Westeros; you always have at least a 50% chance of guessing correctly.

What do I spoil exaclty? You are reading something into it that I am not saying. I'm merely saying that there isn't more Tyrion in the books, as in written words. You know, because the there's still two unwritten books in the tale.

Dude, stop talking.

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That action reminds me of a scene in the Animatrix.

Anyways, this show is so eager to subvert cliches that every time it supposedly does it is really just playing into one. The first few times some character you root for gets killed off it's unexpected, now it is just laughable and predictable. Basically, I feel like Arya Stark laughing. It would have been more interesting to let you-know-who live. The fallout and plot machinations available to a character who was hell bent on revenge would have been interesting. Now the writer doesn't have to deal with that, and the story can just continue on the preordained path and themes he demands. Lazy.

It guess it's possible for the show to redeem itself, but things are moving at a glacial pace, everything of consequence happens in the last five minutes, and when something does happen it feels laughably Game-of-Thronesy. Oh, Baelish did something sneaky? Oh, our hero died? Oh, this character is becoming wise and cynical to the ways of the world in order to survive? Oh, fire lady says the night is dark and full of terrors? Drink.

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80+% of why I fell in love with Giant Bomb was Ryan, Vinny, and Jeff improving off each other. Finding out even 2/3rds of that will essentially never happen again (Game of the Year has scripts, E3 will be focused on cutting videos and guests) is a total bummer, though you can hardly fault Vinny for wanting his family to be closer than three time zones away.

From a strictly logistical point of view, GBNY will have to hire at least TWO more people, or else every video will turn into "Alex + Vinny / new guy behind glass" or "Alex + new guy / Vinny behind glass", which A) will quickly grow stale, and B) Alex's strong suit is not improv comedy, much less "appears in every video". Given the hiring problems since the CBSi buyout, I am not at all optimistic.

I don't know how GBNY will work, but it seems like GBSF really needs at least two more people. It was obvious they needed one before this news, but now with Vinny going things are gonna seem extra sparse. Really, it all comes down to hiring decisions. If GB has the right people to pad things out it will work great. If they have marginally ok people GB will lose a lot of it's charm to me. Not that I am one of the picky complainers who will hate something just because it is new, but I think we can all agree there are people who mesh well with GB's glibness and people who don't. I think the guys are pretty smart and can figure things out, but in the meanwhile things might be a little weird. Growing pains.

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Hopefully GiantBomb can grow and keep it's charm, but I think over the last year or so the Giant Bomb Golden Age has come to an end. That special time when people drank energy drinks in a basement, Jeff and Vinny played some weird rpg everyday, some crappy weekly show, and so much more. All good things must come to an end, let's just hope this leads to more good things! If not, maybe someone can get Rorie drunk and get him to sing so we can all nostalgia.

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I've always thought Rorie was underrated. He is also one of the better writers on the site. I still remember his write up on Demon Souls, or Dark Souls, or whatever, being way better than any review. Maybe he doesn't come across as the most glib of the guys, but I have no problem with him. At least he doesn't say like as much as Patrick. (I love you Patrick)

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This is outright Hegelian!