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Jesse gonna get got.

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Am I on drugs?

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I'm on board if they get Thomas Pynchon to write it.

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Best on PC.

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A while back someone sent the guys a pen and paper RPG boxed set. Does anyone remember what it was (it wasn't Pathfinder)?

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You could've told me this was Katy Perry and I would've believed you. Lyrics are a little more engaged with criticism than most stuff, but it's not as different as I would've expected, especially with Lady Gaga remaking her image and teaming up with Abramovic or whatever. Generic and Harmless/10

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If you read the reviews then there isn't as much difference, but there is a difference in the number attached to those reviews. If a movie only has a 50% approval rating you still might enjoy it, and it can be called "polarizing." It might even go on to become a classic or a cult hit. If a game scores below 80% it's probably not even worth looking at.

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The Matrix universe is very fertile, which means it will be raped by video games, sequels, spin-offs, novelizations, comics, imitators, and action figures.

First one was cool, and I dug some of the Animatrix. The second and third ones are the epitome of potential squandered.

The Animatrix taught me some cool stuff about how to effectively manage an interesting universe though. Give auteurs total control to do serialized projects or vignettes set in the universe, and if that means these are small projects created with small budgets then so be it. Comics do this effectively. Think Frank Miller and Batman, or Moebius and Silver Surfer.

Let Chris Nolan, Neill Blomkamp, or Zac Snyder even, do vignettes in the universe of Star Wars. Let Cronenberg or Tarantino helm the next Bond film.

These will at least be more interesting than the myriad milquetoast sequels we get from Star Wars, Robocop, The Matrix, James Bond, et al.

Basically....this: http://hartter.blogspot.com/2009/11/misc.html

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I somehow remember this.

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It doesn't feel like it's been as long as it has. I was extremely saddened when this happened, and it still feels weird that Ryan isn't around. He caused a lot of fun times, weird shit, and enlightening commentary to happen, and I'm thankful I got to watch some of it. Listening to his opinions for a decade really influenced the way I look at things. Thanks Ryan, and keep on trucking guys.