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If a Mod ever comes across this Topic could you please delete it for me. I never could do it myself. I was in a strange and clearly somewhat retarded place when i created this and i repent of it now. I'm also tired of occasionally seeing it pop back up ever few months or so.

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I've been fiddling with color settings, contrast, brightness and sharpness for a while here now and just can't seem to find a sweet spot in anything. I remember HALO 3 coming with a feature that helped you calibrate a TV to "ideal" settings in all of the things i mentioned above but that isn't something i have access too.

So my question: Can anyone link me to a good website, youtube video or maybe and ideally, a downloadable video i can play and pause to assist in getting a good settings calibration?

Yes i did try to Google things such as "free tv calibrator" & "tv calibration guide" unsuccessfully and will happily accept a correction in what i should have searched for.

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Both Beer and Fish have made their identities ones of "hard headed bastards". I have enjoyed content from both of them but i have always questioned whether this is a good foundation to build your
social character and career on.
Perhaps off topic, but popular YouTube commenter TotalBiscut is the similar, having built a social identity of someone who makes money tearing into other people work bitterly. I enjoy a lot of his videos, but would i invite him to my Wedding or a Birthday Party.... hell no, nobody wants to be around that.
We are solely responsible for the image and identity that we build and solely responsible for the thoughts and hatred that we consume from ourselves and others. Building it up and creating with it can only lead to instances like the one in the story here.

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Thanks for the great times and fond memories Ryan. I look forward to your Yelp review of the afterlife.

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What would we blame if someone went into a school and started beating people to death with a copy of "The Audacity of Hope"? (Obama's second book... to save a Google search)

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I called it on the multiple player characters.... it builds a good infrastructure for them to make DLC stories. I'd personally like to see a cop story much like the police computer missions from 4 only less immersion breaking. It seemed odd to me that Niko would go out and be a vigilante so i didn't do it much. But if i get to play as an actual cop doing cop missions... that'd be great thanks.

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Pretty good Jeff Gerstmann cosplay right at the end of the video when they were all walking out.

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It seems at least 50% of the titles on there are simulators made by Layernet.

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I don't know about realism but i sure am conditioned to them now to the point where it feels weird if a game doesn't have them. As far as real life experience i can personally say that using the sights sure as hell didn't make me as accurate a shot as it is in video-games.

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My first thought when trying out the advanced editor was that this is wasted on XBOX. It's great that they will have such power to create but i just can't see anyone making something "outstanding" with it on XBOX. Though i would love to be proven wrong.