Remember Hydro Thunder?

Apparently, Raw Thrills remembers how awesome it was, because they reunited the Hydro Thunder team and made a spiritual sequel, tentatively titled H2Overdrive.

And before anyone asks about a home port, play the arcade version of Hydro Thunder and realize that the boat throttle controls were what made the game so special. Hopefully, the boat throttle makes a comeback, too.

Part 3 of my Cruis'n retrospective will be up later tonight.

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Bad ass.

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Hydro Thunder was a fun game. Probably Midway's last great racer, as far as I can remember.

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Do want.

Seriously, as much shit as Midway racers get sometimes, be it from game mag reviewers or super hardcore gamers or whatever, I do not want to meet the person who can say that they've put a quarter into Hydro Thunder and not gotten their money's worth. Or maybe I do so I can feel bad for them or something.