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Guilty as charged, I only bothered with Madden NFL 06 and NFS Most Wanted because of this.  
I've always been tempted to get that Avatar: The Last Airbender game because I could complete that list so quickly.

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Got 'em all. I'm #1960 to have completed it, so I'm entered for the prizes. Thanks, all!

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All I need is Bombcast of Characters #5 and Theater of the Absurd #4. I have everything else, thanks for the help guys!

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The iPhone app ad is so awesome. 

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Got the first one in the Capri Suns quest, and the set is complete. Thanks! :D

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@SpawnMan said:
" The easiest clue I can give for any of them - one of the players you need to view for the Capri Suns quest looks like a f**kng chimpanzee. If you can't get this player now, you have no idea about soccer. ; ) "
I think I may have that one. Is it the first name in the Capri Suns list?
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I need the first one for the Capri-Suns quest, but I have everything else. Thanks, guys!

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PS Move, because it's something you can hold.  
It could go either way, though. 

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Hey guys, what's up? The air conditioning in my house shat the bed, and in 90 degree summer weather here in sunny South Florida, that's not good. So, as I type this at a local Starbucks, I do have three things to throw out as I get back to blogging.  
1. I mentioned in a previous blogpost how I heard that Q Entertainment is making a spiritual successor to Rez, and I wondered if it was really necessary. Well, after seeing Child of Eden at E3, I think it looks pretty good. It didn't answer my question on whether a spiritual sequel to Rez was really necessary, but I'll have a firm answer on it when the game is released early next year. My gut impression is that it certainly looks the part with the acid-washed visuals, and the motion controls demoed at the Ubisoft press conference work well. I do appreciate being able to use a traditional gamepad, though, just in case. 
2. My backlog is embarrassing. I blame the Xbox Live Arcade weekly sales for that. Does anyone have a huge backlog? How did you get it so big? 
3. My game of E3: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. Seriously. In Criterion I trust. This has a very good shot at dethroning Daytona USA 2 as my favorite game of all time.  
Oh, speaking of, in a bit of shameless self-promotion, can you guys join my Facebook group? It's an attempt to get Sega to make a new Daytona USA game for HD consoles. I need all the members I can, thanks! 
Anyways, have a nice day, all!

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Just as the title says. I need a few hints on the quests here to complete the sets. No spoilers, please, I'll be able to figure it out given enough time. 
AV Club- Secret Quest, Rerunner (I'm unsure about the latter, do I just rerun a video clip, Bombcast, or something else?) 
Famous Friends- Secret Quest (looked up Ralph Baer, Nolan Bushnell, Miyamoto- no dice. Hint, please.) 
Hearing Voices- Handful of Gravel, Due North (I also need the All Your Powers Combined one, but I'm convinced that a look at the IMDB would help with the hint provided)  
Generation Gap- Flash in the Pan, Founding Fathers, Can I Get Some Quarters? (I have some of the answers, but I'm stumped on the others) 
Any hints would be nice, thanks.