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Two spare PS4 Europe codes



Be polite and post when redeemed folks.

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I'm after some fellow Aussie duders to team up with during the alpha. If you want to team up add Sidekick-Trio on PSN

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Young people are extremely naive about their understanding of the world and their place in it.

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Think about what you want from a phone and do your research to find what fits your needs. Are you currently invested in an ecosystem? Do you use google, apple or microsoft services? Do you want to be able to tinker with roms and have that flexibility or do you want something that is well supported with apps and service information? There's something out there for everyone, I'm currently rocking a Nexus 5 and liking it after an Iphone 4S and I'll never go back to the apple ecosystem but if I was deeply invested in apps then I probably wouldn't have left. I've also tinkered with Windows Phone and didn't hate it. Start with The Wirecutter and go from there.

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I've had the bug recently but inspired by Jeff's recent efforts I've decided to begin cataloging/organising my game collection. I'm on PC and android so delicious library is a no go. I'd prefer something free or ad supported but if I have to pay $5 or so to get a really good and easy user experience that'd be fine.

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Always glad to see more content, just surprised there was such a fuss over the name. I don't think there would've been anything wrong with using the quick look moniker, someone would probably chime in with a "this game is way far from finished" during the quick look and that'd be all I'd need to know. Why do I hear Brad saying that in my head, that's the bigger question.

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My first system was the Sega Master System and I got R-Type with it for Christmas, hell of a first game. But I do remember playing atari before that, not the games though.

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Having just knocked over AC4, I think it's pretty darned good. Though I do totally agree with Patrick in that all of the surroundings in the game are pretty great but the actual story missions and their mechanics are just boring and terrible. Just spend your time out of the high seas exploring and pillaging, play the story bits when you want to stop having fun.

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No debate in my mind, not even a question. The Ryan Davis tribute podcast. Giant Bomb does not miss a week, no matter what and it was nothing but love the perfect way to remember the man.

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Flashback, shining force 1 & 2, landstalker, road rash 2, eternal champions, the mutant league games, Herzog zwei, general chaos. The mega drive is where I became a serious gamer, it had some amazing games.