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My guess is they'll continue to support this game for years to come. They did a great job with SARPBC support, and really listening to community feedback.

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I really enjoyed Pinball Hall of Fame on PS2. I tried this collection on PS3 and found it to be just a tad laggy? My timing was slightly off after having played a much tighter experience on PS2 assuming because of the wired controller. Seems alot better on PS4 though. Will definitely look into this when it goes on sale.

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I'm ok at the game. Mainly play 3v3, but can throw down on 2v2 or 4v4. Is this still in the planning phase?

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Been rocking a variation of this one since the start for the most part. Why change now? I think it's nice to have people recognize the avatar here and there. Like a "gone but not forgotten" thing when you take a break and come back.

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Such a great game. Anyone with a PS3 should play SARPBC as well!

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@metalgearsunny: I haven't noticed one. It's kind of great actually though. Some of the cornering overdrives show you a line to beat once in awhile. I'm constantly looking at the map and memorizing courses alot faster this way. It's been years since I've driven without a line of some sort.

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I would be a male giggalo and strip for cash to cover travel expenses around the states. I'd wreck so many homes along the way.

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I've been enjoying this game quite alot actually. I felt the PS+ version was enough of a chunk to really get a feel for what they're going for, and like you said, it's primarily focused on racing and that's pretty refreshing coming from the GT series. Don't get me wrong, I love tuning cars and customizing the crap out of them, but, Driveclub just feels right for the amount of "thought" commitment I'm willing to put into a racing game right now and the upgrade is well worth $25.

I hope you decide to upgrade. I played about 12 hours non-stop today and can't wait to get back in there tomorrow.

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I was moderately disappointed when I had watched the initial trailer for it, but after seeing the press conference, I'm pretty excited. Graphical / Animation roughness aside, I can't wait to get lost walking around and am pretty happy there's seemingly no online component to it. Hoping there's more random events happening in the wasteland though.

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Nhl hitz is pretty great (any in the series)

If you have a PS3 then look into Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars. (Soccer with cars)

And if you have a decent PC or PS4 the sequel is coming out soon. "Rocket League"

Mutant League Football / Hockey

Arch Rivals

Hot Shots Golf

Ready 2 Rumble boxing

NFL Street


Hit the Ice

...well pretty much any Neo Geo sports game.