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I'm from Fargo, ND. So far they've made a 100% accurate movie about our town, and shortly a TV series on FXX. Feel free to enter my world by catching up on the movie now, and show next week.

I'm kind of a big deal here.

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@awesomeusername: Ok thank you. I found out its located in Settings > PSN > Privacy Settings.

I wasn't quite sure how to disable this info. I don't care about playing games, but checking into places and reporting everything I do seems a bit much IMO.

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@creamypies: Right. Ideally if I stick to ps3 this isn't an issue. If I don't sync trophies, no one knows if I'm actually playing or not. The feed on PS4 says everything you do.

Any way to disable this?

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Is there a way to block anyone from seeing what game you last played, trophy you've unlocked, or when you started broadcasting in the playroom, from friends on your friends list?

Edit: also I didn't find a way to file this under ps4 in the creation process on mobile, sorry.

I ask because I have coworkers on my list and don't mind playing a game with from time to time, but don't really want them to see when I've been up all night unlocking trophies in The Playroom on accident or watch me masturbate profusely on can with a beer and joint in my hand.

Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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When I was 4 I was luckily introduced to hair rock / metal / beastie boys. 7 or so years later I then stole a couple tapes from a neighbor down the street where I found Metallicas albums , Nirvana, Alice N Chains, Tool, SOAD, Pantera.. then quickly got a CD player and started my NIN, ministry, and random bands from Target journey. I got into hip hop and gangster rap followed by creating dark drone type music, nu metal was next on the menu followed by Dubstep / oldies / metal core / death core / death metal / grind / doom / tech death... etc. Its been quite the experience but wouldn't trade it for anything.

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I like it. I could watch bombcast animations like these all damn day.

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about 250k. It was my own damn fault though.. I literally had the biggest fail roll ever, and wasn't even mad I deserved it so much.

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I don't have Forza 5, but most simulation racing games are very similar when it comes to taming an unruly beast of a car, (e.g. a fully upgraded ((stock)) Corvette / Viper..etc) I believe @wildhamster gave the best advice. It's easy in and smoothly accelerating out of corners. You need to know how to trade break and gas power to make the most of your turns, and not losing power while coming out of corners. It's a dance. You need to hold onto the edge of your seat and master it.