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@dagas said:

Moments like these sound awesome but when playing 99,9% of the time is grinding credits doing the same missions over and over, mining astroids or other tedious tasks.

Sounds like you fell for the high security space trap. Try joining a wormhole corp, a nullsec alliance, do faction warfare in a militia, or even join a mercenary/ganking corp in highsec. All of those things are not only more fun and interesting, but will also earn you far, far, far more isk than running high sec missions or mining (WHICH IS THE WORST ISK/HR ACTIVITY IN THE GAME).

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but B-R5RB was controlled by the alliance Pandemic Legion, and Manny leads Pandemic Legion.

My understanding is that Manny is a capital FC (Fleet Commander), a very important, crucial role, but not the actual leader of Pandemic Legion - which would be Grath.

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Because there's probably some statistical truth in the stereotype, just as there is in just about every stereotype.

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Drew has it all. He's smart, articulate, physically fit, and engaged in a wide variety of hobbies and interests. Drew is basically the √úbermensch.

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@abethegreatest said:

So he is attempting to convince gamers to accept and welcome higher game prices. Also a man protecting his family being seen as controversial sounds pretty ridiculous

I also couldn't help but laugh at that. For anyone who would actually get upset about something like that, I would merely ask this:

What do you think the evolutionary purpose of the disparity between male and female physique is, exactly?

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e.g. If you live in an extremely cold climate and your house requires heating 24/7, does it actually matter at all if you're light bulbs are inefficient, since that inefficiency manifests itself in the form of heat... and the heat produced from your heating unit and the heat produced from inefficient light bulbs/appliances is, theoretically, fungible?

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@wjb said:

No, but this year was kind of a bummer. I liked it better when they straight-up cut games instead of the circle-jerk they had this year. Even Jeff thought it was a little dumb.

The most dramatic part of the whole process was "WHAT GAME IS GOING TO BE #8?!"

Eh, whatever.

This. I don't get why Patrick was so against the 'go around in a circle and cut a game' approach, I thought it worked fantastically the year they did it. Forcing them to cut games with low support but maybe 1 person really likes is much better than having them choose to keep games with low support but the person choosing really likes it. As the list is that of the site's, I think it makes sense to have them think politically when making it.

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If all Infinite's developers could do is to poke fun at centuries old racism and then paint the revolutionaries in the same bad light for rising up in armed struggle, then there is a helluva way to go for them to tell complex and compelling stories using those particular themes.

This criticism always comes across to me as incredibly naive. From the French Revolution to the Russian Revolution, and from the Taliban to Zimbabwe, the vast majority of violent revolutions and uprisings tend to end in the opposing faction becoming more and more radicalized until it ends up committing greater atrocities than the oppressor. Yet by recognizing this reality, Bioshock apparently offends people by upsetting their neat little world view where there's only black and white, wrong and right. Bioshock does not suggest that revolutions are inherently wrong, yet because it actually portrays a very common consequence of them it suddenly is supporting the oppressors? Again --- naive as hell.

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@slightlytriangularrectangle said:
That is, of course, all dependent upon whether you share my definition of art, that that which is monetarily driven cannot be art.

Using this definition, 99% of movies and books and painting and sculpture and music aren't art either.

Yes, that is my argument.

Well, you're wrong. You're simply, flat out, wrong. All money is is a motivation. If you're going to dismiss anything that was motivated by money, then you'll also need to dismiss anything that was motivated by love/hate/curiosity/etc etc. In which case nothing is art.

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@towersixteen: America is swiftly declining in almost every arena, it would be foolish to suggest otherwise. The reason America is successful is because the other major economies blew each other up in two consecutive cataclysmic wars; it has nothing to do with all the nonsense you're spoonfed as a child.

The United States became the world's largest economy well before either of the World Wars (most estimates place the date shortly after the American Civil War). While World War II certainly allowed the US to obtain a great deal of relative power (over 80% of world GDP was attributed to the US after the war) it wasn't as if the US economy hadn't been the largest before it.