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@sunbrozak: I have been playing little bit of the PS4 version and it seems fine. Game isn't exactly a stunner, but the art style goes a long way of making the game look unique. OP it also looks your tvs sharpness is cranked all the way up, so that might make it look a lot worse than it is.

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Somehow Harry Brown is one of the only movies i can't try watching again, because the whole movie feels so threatening and depressing.

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Whoa, this is kinda big news for the site. Good luck moving house and i can't wait what to see what Giantbomb NY brings to the table.

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If they announce true Crackdown sequel at E3, then i might need to get a Xbox One, because this looks really good. When they said this had influence from Jet Grind Radio, i was already sold.

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It's kinda weird that they are working on two diffrent Souls games at the same time. Hopefully they can differentiate enough from the Dark series, from gameplay and story perspective.

I can't wait for a new Souls game with Miyazaki at helm.

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Game looked pretty cool on UPF. I was about to get it, but i dislike the virtual controls so much, so decided to pass. Need to grab this later, because the devs have said that the Vita version is in the works.

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@arjailer: Yeah i played it for like 3 hours just looting everything i could find and did couple of side missions on chapter 1. I think i'm not gonna return to that game for a bit.

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I just bought this last weekend, when it was discounted on PSN and now i'm super bummed, because the save system have been completely bugged since today. You can't progress in the game, because the game just throws you back to the beginning of that chapter you have started playing every time you continue playing.

This is also a problem on the PC version, when i checked the game's steam forums and people have already found a fix for this: you have change the system clock to next week, then you can continue playing.

So if you had plans to play Thief this week, you might want to wait until next week.

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I've been using the dual Caestus combo as a backup with my cleric and holy shit, do they wreck people up in PVP. I might also try out a monk like build after finishing the game.

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I'm using the Cleric starting Mace +4 and Caestus as a backup, which is surprisingly good with the A scaling. Caestus is also useful against lighter enemies, because you can just stunlock them and beat em' to a bloody pulp. I'm SL 60 already and still haven't found any other good strength scaling weapons, only ones which have both STR and DEX scaling.