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"Will Support Kinect, But 'Won't Affect Core Gameplay"

a.k.a. - needless kinect support
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I know the first one wasnt really that good, but there was potential for it to be a lot better game. If they take the criticism of the first and work on it im sure they can make the AAA title they were going for.  

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XBL & PSN: FieryPayne 
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PSN: FieryPayne 
 add if wanted. Need more GB type friends lol

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I say let him live. He died in all the other ones. how about some diversity people.

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Glad to see its coming to ps3. I don't think not having mass effect 1 is a big deal because it really only changed a few things. I played it through on two different saves and the only real difference was having wrex or not. And even then it wasn't a big deal. Still a great game.

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man, all that hype and this is what they deliver. how sad, kinect will suck.

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This is one of the games i missed last year and haven't gotten around to yet. I need more time and less compulsiveness to complete games 100%. I will get to you dragon age, i promise. 

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Well mw is responsible for a majority of people playing online games so i understand them wanting a bigger piece of the pie, but as soon as they charge more to play they will lose a percentage of players. They will move to the next big "free to play" shooter or quit playing.

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i would go with a good 42" lcd if i were you. The price will be a lot better starting at around $600 for a 1080p as opposed to $800 for a plasma. And plasmas are slowly being taken out of production by all the big companies. there are only 3 manufactures of plasmas left. Just depends how much you wanna spend and how much things like glare or black levels bother you. Deeper blacks and usually better color come from plasmas but they are more prone to have problems and be more fragile in my experience. LCDs produce a lot less glare. just research them a little and make a decision.

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