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I liked the force power stuff but, you're right, the light sabre feels weak.  This could be because they want you to use the force powers and if you were really as powerful as a jedi is the game would have no challenge whatsoever against all the enemies except for Vader and the Emperor.  Since I've wanted to play a Star Wars game where you're throwing crap and dudes around with your mind for a long time I don't mind the light sabre not being as strong as it should be.  Holding baddies and tie fighters in mid air and moving them however I wanted was really fun.  I loved calmly letting go of stormtroopers right next to a ledge and having them fall to their death.  You can also hold them in the path of the tie fighters that are flying around the level and wait, which has a great payoff.  The physics also seemed very nice. Everything moved how you'd expect it to.
The graphics, while not phenomenol, do look like the original star wars movies and not like the new trilogy which is great.  It wasn't mindblowing but it was really fun to be a jedi and I'm really curious how strong you'll become throughout the course of the whole game.  Hopefully it doesn't get repetitive.

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if it's either him or me, yeah.

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My votes would be for Alf so you could chase cats and make terrible unfunny jokes and someone finally releases the a-team game for atari.
Airwolf was made into a game, it's on the NES.

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ocarina of time or super mario world

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Most weeks the show turns into a brawl with chairs being thrown and knife fights and the knives and chairs are on fire.

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I remember seeing nintendo cereal when I was a kid and was wondering what kinds of cereal people would like to see made today.
I would like a pikmin cereal that tastes like pikmin. 

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So far I've been doing pretty badly.  I'm having trouble beating my high scores in deadline, king and evolved and am hoping someone has some tips I could use.

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They could be ok if it weren't for the fact that they're disgusting and have enough onions in the patty to make you cry for a week
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26 and I've beaten zero cops with a double ended dildo.

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