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Did they communicate anything clearly?

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Except how many times a year do you think Microsoft is going to run 90% off sales like Steam does 3-4 times. If your answer is anything other than zero you are fooling yourself.

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If I have to pay a fee to play a used game I have bought from a store or anyone, then maybe xbox one isn't for me. Who are they to tell me I can't even give my game to a friend and let them play it? So if it going to be true, if I was to lend my mate a game he would have to pay to play it on his system. That would be madness.

Steam doesn't allow me to lend my games or even buy second hand games. I hear nothing but praise for Valve and Steam.

I'd love to live in this magical land where Steam runs 90% sales 3-4 times a year.

You're in luck!

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As I think anyone is willing to admit, Patrick was a controversial figure at GiantBomb. Even as somebody who greatly enjoyed his addition to the group dynamic, and the level of enthusiasm he had for the industry, I can say with some certainty that there was a firm vein of dislike for him. This is why to me it was all the more heartwarming and eye-opening to see the level of support and sorrow when he revealed he'd be moving back to Chicago. Despite likely being by far the least-liked of the main GB Crew, Patrick's announcement revealed that many, many people felt a great loss by his absence.

With that in mind, look at Vinny. EVERYONE loves Vinny. The livestream chats explode in glee whenever that guy does some crazy shit or even just shows up. His Quick Looks are almost always the most enjoyed of the week, and the content he is tied to is usually held in the highest esteem. In reflection to Patrick, Vinny almost never had venom thrown his way, and love for him is basically unanimous.

So what if Vinny left? With the outcry even after Patrick's announcement, what if probably the most beloved member of the staff went off-site? Do you think a noticable chunk of the audience would drop off? Do you think things would go on as usual? I think there's an interesting discussion to be made here on the value of certain personalities on-staff.


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Of course, what else would he be? You're either a Libertarian or a Socialist.

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I had a zune for a long time, liked their marketplace but hated the device.

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If you think EA is the worst company in America you need to leave your house once in awhile and stop being a complete moron.

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It could be Cards Against Humanity related.

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Having to use itunes to sync my father's ipod for him is the most excruciatingly painful thing I ever have to do.

You must have a pretty good life, or you're only 14.

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@squidc00kie: I'm willing to wait too, but I never prefer too.

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Back when Torchlight 2 first came out I was able to play it because I had a PC to play it on. However since then I have gotten a Mac so I can no longer play it. Does anyone have even the foggiest idea when Ruinic will finally release it to Macs?

Luckily, I can still download the first one and play that.