Memorial For a Fallen Gamer.

This is very hard to write, but should be an example of the very best of what makes us a community of gamers.

I am a proud of member of the website A leading website of the fighting game community, the EVO tournament, and especially the Street Fighter scene. Recently this community lost a long time, and beloved member. His name was Ricardo "Dasrik" LaFaurie. He was a good guy, and only lived to 31 years of age. He was like many of us at Shoryuken. Stubborn, loved to argue, but always will be there if anyone needed any help. He supported many member in the forum with advice, setting up events, or introducing them to the fighting game scene. He was well liked, and even those who argued with him constantly always had respect for him.

Sadly he was also someone who fought many illnesses. He even had to seek dialysis treatment at the later point in his life. He still was able to contribute to the community he loved so much. In his passing it is apparent that the community loved him back. Many of us including myself never met Dasrik. Only through message board posts. The announcement of his death shook everyone in the community. Then a board who once was a den of arguments, and braggarts changed.

A thread announcing Dasrik death was posted on one of the most used portions of the forum. A wave of people posted their condolences. At one point Dasrik brother who is a member posted the story of his death in detail. That is when something wonderful happened. A regular poster named "NAMMMMMM" who knew Dasrik personally posted a small donation thread for the family. Ensuring that 100% of the funds will be donated to Dasrik's family members began donating money. Everyone expectations were low at first. Maybe a couple hundred dollars would be raised for funeral expenses.

The donations did not stop. Members from other sites began to donate, long time members donated, young members donated. We raised over a $1000 for Dasrik's family at that time. It did not stop. More people came out to show support for his family. It was coming in at a amazing speed.

Then it happened. A anonymous donor gave $2000 toward the fund. This was something Dasrik's Brother, and NAMMMMMM could not believe. We raised over $3000 so far. It didn't stop.

A raffle began for a special edition MadCatz PS3 Arcade stick.

Every $5 donation put you in the raffle to win it. Over $1000 was raised for his family in a matter of hours. As it stands the last total is over $4810.

This is utterly amazing. A community of gamers who for the most part have never seen each other have been able to raise close to $5000 so far for a fallen member. This is not just a example of the very best in the gaming community, but in humanity. I just wanted to share this, and hope you take from it something special. Whatever community you belong to you do make an impact. You have no idea what kind of impact you have until you leave this world.

You will be missed Dasrik. May God Bless You.

If you wish to participate in the memorial raffle here is the information.!

This is the RIP Thread for Dasrik:

This is the original donation thread:

If you wish to donate you are more than welcomed to. This has grown beyond anything anyone had hoped for. Even if you simply want to make a account to say RIP in the thread, it will be appreciated.

Thank you for reading this.

Street Fighter Inspired Hip-Hop

Street Fighter has always been embraced by a more urban culture. Go to cities like New York, or L.A  to find the top casual/money matches.  With Hip-Hop originating from those cities it is not surprising to find that Hip-Hop, and Street Fighter combines occasionally.  I present some fun rap music videos all relating to Street Fighter.  They are actually pretty well done. Enjoy the music, the culture, and the nods to the hardcore Street Fighter community these songs reference.
*I did not make any of these videos*