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I'm an avid 360 gamer, I also do a fair amount of PC gaming, mainly RPGs and World of Warcraft.  I live down in Daytona Beach and I'm currently working on my M.S. in Human Factors & Systems Engineering.  I also work with hex editing and modding software when I have some spare time and play volleyball quite frequently when it's not raining (which is 75% of the time in FL)  I know a lot of the people in the gaming community have misconceptions about modding and think that anyone that uses mods is a "cheater".  The way I see it, its my game and I'll do what I want with it.  I feel as long as my mods aren't negatively affecting the gaming experience of other players, there's not a problem with them.  If you need help with hex editing in a 360 game I'd be glad to help as well.  I also have experience in modifying 360 and wii consoles if you have any questions.